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  • Professor Thomas Lange

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    A German born economist and applied statistician by training, Professor Thomas Lange serves Australian Catholic University as Tenured Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour and Associate Dean (Research) at the Faculty of Law and Business. He also holds a tenured professorial Chair (Adjunct) in Economics and International Management at Middlesex University Business School, London, UK. His previous leadership positions included Research Dean, Executive Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

    Lange is a leading authority in the empirical Human Resources (HR) and Organizational Behaviour (OB) research arena. He is Editor-in-Chief of Evidence-based HRM: A Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Manpower. A multi-disciplinarian at heart, he has written extensively in the HR & OB research arena, with numerous A/A* ranked journal publications to his credit. In recent years, his papers have been accepted for publication by such outlets as Human Resource Management (US), Journal of Vocational Behavior, British Journal of Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, European Journal of Industrial Relations, and Small Business Economics.

    In his leadership and management roles, he worked extensively on the strengthening of academic research profiles as well as the development of institutional partnerships with leading international business schools (amongst others, at the University of Oxford, Maastricht University, Nanjing University, and Georgetown University Washington). During his time in New Zealand, Lange also initiated and served as Founding Chair of the New Zealand Business Research Deans' Association. At the time of conferment and aged 29, he entered the academic "history books" as Britain's youngest Full Professor in a business discipline. Subsequently, he served as Britain's youngest Executive Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor.

    Through his research and scholarship endeavors he initiated, led and managed funded projects to the value of around $ 6 million - divided broadly equally between competitive grant income (primarily from the European Union and UK HE Funding Councils), contract research and invited industry consultancy.

    Lange served several governments as Specialist Advisor. His research-informed policy proposals were debated publicly during parliamentary sessions and his academic work has been covered widely by international press and media outlets. His scholarship informed the policy work of the World Bank, ILO, OECD, European Commission, United Nations, the UK House of Commons, UK Office of Fair Trading (Pensions Inquiry), the Economic Policy Advisory Group (New Zealand's National Party), the Cubie Enquiry into Higher Education Funding (Scottish Executive), Ministry of Education and Training (Government of Vietnam), numerous central and local government departments, economic development agencies, and industry associations worldwide.

    Phone : 3955 (Melbourne) Email : Thomas.Lange@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Human Resource Management (HRM) ; Organisational Behaviour ; Industrial Relations ; Personnel Economics ;

  • Nat Peter Faber Business School

  • Professor Susan Dann

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    Social and public sector marketing and strategic marketing

    Phone : (07) 3623 7244 (Brisbane) Email : Susan.Dann@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Social Enterprises ; Social Marketing ; Strategic Marketing ; Public Sector Marketing ;

  • Professor Michael Fischer

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    Michael D Fischer is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Leadership, Visiting Scholar at University of Oxford where he was previously a senior research fellow, and a Program Director at Melbourne Business School. He holds a PhD in organisational behaviour from Imperial College London, University of London.

    Trained as a business school social scientist and clinical group analyst, his research has a strong empirical focus on the practice-level microsociology of organisational change in research-intensive settings, especially in healthcare.A He specialises in ethnographic and comparative case studies, analysing intersubjective relations, emotions and power, and their potential to mobilise organisational change.A He has a particular interest in executive education and the role of business schools in a rapidly developing knowledge economy.

    His research is published in leading international journals in the Financial Times 'top 50', ABDC A* and CABS 4* lists, including Accounting Organizations and Society, Human Relations, Organization Studies, Public Administration, and Social Science and Medicine.A He has led major competitive research grants as principal and co-investigator, including funding by the National Institute of Health Research, the University of Oxford and Kings College London.A

    He is a highly active researcher with a strong focus on practice-level processes of organisational change, especially in research-intensive settings. His research draws on sociomaterial perspectives to analyse dynamics of influence and change in complex organisations. By focusing on the 'backstage' work of everyday emotions, affect and politics, he analyses their effects in mobilising ideas, material practices and technologies that can dynamically stimulate major organisational change.

    In his original ethnographic research at Imperial College London, he examined a UK healthcare policy from inception to implementation and subsequent collapse. Its formal risk management systems had unintended consequences on organisational life, undermining organisational functioning and leading to policy collapse. He later investigated the impact of professional regulation on healthcare professionals, analysing how embedded practices of self-regulation may be undermined by regulatory transparency, performance metrics and sanctions. His research highlights the role of supportive 'formative spaces' and forms of self-regulation which can be more effective in supporting good practice.

    In a related second research theme, he examines how micro-sociological dynamics operate in knowledge leadership. His leadership research provides an in-depth analysis of how leaders interpret and 're-assemble' ideas, techniques and materials, and utilise these in their leadership practices.A Through a series of longitudinal case studies focused on research-intensive settings,A he has analysed how the most effective leadership practices assemble and mobilise organisational change.A In his research at the University of Oxford, he analysed at first hand flagship leadership programmes at Sa??d Business School - its High Performance Leadership and Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme.

    His international career in public services focuses mainly in the healthcare sector where he has held senior clinical, managerial and policy adviser roles. Before joining academia, Michael had an accomplished career as a Lead Consultant Psychotherapist in leading teaching hospitals in Manchester, Liverpool and London, most recently at St Thomas' Hospital, London. He is a noted expert in the group and intersubjective relations that influence contemporary organisations and can powerfully mobilise organisational change.

    For further details of his work, please see:

    Phone : 8314 (Melbourne) Email : michael.fischer@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    healthcare management ; knowledge mobilisation ; Organisational Change ; leadership development ; research-intensive organisations ;

  • Associate Professor Haifeng Shen

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    Dr Haifeng Shen is the Discipline Leader of Information Technology in the Peter Faber Business School at Australian Catholic University (ACU). Before joining ACU in 2019, he had been a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics at Flinders University in Australia since 2009 and an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore from 2003 to 2009. Dr Shen also has over six years working experience in industry as a software engineer, computer system administrator and programmer before becoming an academic.

    Dr Shen's primary research expertise is in human-centred artificial intelligence and software technologies. He leads the HilstLab (https://hilstlab.org) at ACU, where they conduct applied research on artificial intelligence and software technologies with an aim to develop and/or study applications that can solve real-world problems. His research has been supported by more than $2M research grants from various funding agencies, industries, and universities.

    Dr Shen has published over 140 research papers at international conferences and journals, including top venues such as ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction (TOCHI), ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT), IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (TII), IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems (TCSS), International Journal of Human Computer Studies, Information and Software Technology, and IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE).

    Dr Shen has supervised 8 PhD completions as the principle supervisor at Flinders University and Nanyang Technological University. Dr Shen has been a general chair or program chair for a number of international conferences such as International Conference on Information Visualization, International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging, and Visualization, Australasian Software Engineering Conference, and Australasian Human Computer Interaction Conference.

    Phone : 9366 (North Sydney) Email : haifeng.shen@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Human Computer Interaction ; Software Engineering ; Human-AI Interaction ; Simulation and Visualisation ;

  • Dr Sugumar Mariappanadar

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    Sustainable HRM, Indigenous culture based management practices, HR metrics, applied psychology

    Phone : (03) 9953 3167 (Melbourne) Email : Sugumar.Mariappanadar@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    HR ; Human Resources ; Human Resources Management ; HRM ; Psychology ; Sustainable HRM ; Indigenous Culture Based Management Practices ; HR Metrics ; Applied Psychology ; Sustainability ;

  • Dr Bartholomeus de Jong

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    Phone : 3163 (Melbourne) Email : bart.dejong@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    trust ; teams ; Organizational Behavior ; Research Methods ;

  • Nat Thomas More Law School

  • Professor Brian Fitzgerald

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    Brian Fitzgerald studied law at the Queensland University of Technology graduating as a University Medallist in Law and holds postgraduate degrees in Law from Oxford University and Harvard University.

    He is a well-known Intellectual Property and Information Technology/Internet lawyer who has pioneered the teaching of Internet/Cyber Law in Australia. He has published articles on Intellectual Property and Internet Law in Australia, the United States, Europe, Nepal, India, Canada and Japan and his latest (co-authored) books are Cyberlaw: Cases and Materials on the Internet, Digital Intellectual Property and E Commerce (2002); Jurisdiction and the Internet (2004); Intellectual Property in Principle (2004) and Internet and Ecommerce Law (2007). Over the past eight years Brian has delivered seminars on Information Technology, Internet and Intellectual Property law in Australia, Canada, China, Brazil, New Zealand, USA, Nepal, India, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Norway, Croatia and the Netherlands.

    His current projects include work on intellectual property issues across the areas of Copyright, Digital Content and the Internet, Copyright and the Creative Industries in China, Open Content Licensing and the Creative Commons, Free and Open Source Software, Research Use of Patents, Science Commons, e-Research, Licensing of Digital Entertainment and Anti-Circumvention Law. He has organised numerous conferences on Intellectual Property and Internet Law in Australia, is a regular speaker at international and national conferences and has made a number of significant submissions to the government in the area of Internet and IP Law.

    From 1998-2002 Brian was Head of the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia and from January 2002 - January 2007 he was appointed as Head of the School of Law at QUT in Brisbane. In 2009 he was appointed to Government 2.0 Taskforce and to the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP).

    Between 2007 and 2012 he was a specialist Research Professor in Intellectual Property and Innovation at QUT and is currently Executive Dean of Law at ACU.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3640 (Melbourne) Email : brian.fitzgerald@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Electronic Commerce ; Information Technology Law ; Intellectual Property Law ; Internet Law ; Restitution ; Constitutional Law ; Law and surfing ; Copyright ; Creative Commons ; Cyberlaw ; Intellectual property in the digital environment ; Law and technology ; Open Access ;

  • Professor Spencer Zifcak

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    Spencer Zifcak is Allan Myers Professor of Law and Research Co-ordinator in the Thomas More Academy of Law. Professor Zifcak obtained his Ph.D in politics and government at the London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London). He has held several senior positions at international universities including as Visiting Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, Visiting Professor at the Austrlan Academy of Public Administration, University of Vienna, and Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Law at Trinity College, Dublin. In 2010, Professor Zifcak was awarded the prestigious and internationally competitive Bemjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Bristol (UK).

    Phone : 3924 (Melbourne) Email : Spencer.Zifcak@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    International law ; Human Rights law ; Constitutional and Administrative Law ;

  • Dr Amanda Alexander

    Accreditation in-progress - Supervisor is eligible to co-supervise with another fully accredited supervisor (Principal Supervisor)

    Amanda Alexander is a lecturer in the Thomas More Law School. She studied law and history at the University of New South Wales and was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to take a Masters in Legal Theory and History at University College London. She completed her PhD at the Australian National University.

    Amanda's research concerns the history of international humanitarian law.

    Phone : 2719 (North Sydney) Email : amanda.alexander@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    International law, legal history, legal theory ;

  • Dr Leela Cejnar

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    Dr Leela Cejnar is a Senior Lecturer at the Thomas More Law School's Mackillop Campus (North Sydney). Leela's primary area of research is competition law. Leela is the author of numerous publications and her research has been published in leading international journals. She has also presented about her work at conferences in Australia and overseas. Leela has supervised higher degree research students in MPhil and PhD programs.

    Leela's research also includes the areas of regulation and higher education, legal education and the scholarship of learning and teaching in higher education. In particular, stemming from her participation in an online learning and teaching project with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in 2013, followed by her involvement in the development and teaching of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and the study of law in 2015-2016, Leela's research extends to exploring how online learning is transforming the "classroom" in law schools and can be used to enhance access to legal education, including by transcending cultural, gender, age and socio-economic boundaries. She has published and presented about her work on the use of technology and the future of legal education. Leela has also received teaching citations and awards for outstanding contributions to student learning

    At the Thomas More Law School, Leela is the Course Coordinator for the Bachelor of Laws Program in North Sydney. She is also the National Lecturer-in-Charge of three of the school's undergraduate pre-requisite units.

    Leela's background includes twenty years in legal practice, both with major international law firms and with the Commonwealth Public Service (notably, for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade). She has also previously held academic positions at Macquarie University (2009) and at the University of New South Wales (2010-2016).

    Leela is admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of New South Wales and Victoria, the Federal Court of Australia and the High Court of Australia.

    Phone : 94659242 (North Sydney) Email : leela.cejnar@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Competition and Consumer Law ; Commercial Law ; Higher Education and Regulation ; Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility ; Legal Education ;

  • Dr May Cheong

    Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

    May is a Senior Lecturer at Thomas More Law School and also a Visiting Fellow at UNSW Law School. May specialises in private law particularly Contracts, Unfair Contracts, Remedies and Consumer Protection. Her other interests are Commercial Law and also Competition Law, particularly on State-owned enterprises and competitive neutrality, and ASEAN Competition law. May also works in the area of comparative Asian laws and has recently started a PhD supervision on Artificial Intelligence (Smart Contracts).
    May has a varied academic background; besides her legal qualifications from the common law jurisdictions, May also holds a Diploma in Shariah Law and Practice.
    May has more than 20 years of teaching and supervisory experience including PhD candidates. She has published extensively on a wide range of private law subjects.

    Phone : 9739 2693 (North Sydney) Email : May.Cheong@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Contract, Unfair contract, Remedies ; Competition and Consumer Law ; Commercial Law ;

  • Dr Brianna Chesser

    Associate supervisor

    Dr Brianna Chesser is a Lecturer in Criminal Law and Evidence in the Thomas More Law School. Brianna is admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and a Solicitor of the High Court of Australia, she has experience in both criminal and civil jurisdictions. She is also a registered Psychologist.

    Brianna has undertaken extensive study in several areas including Law, Psychology and Music.

    Phone : 3661 (Melbourne) Email : brianna.chesser@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Criminal Law ; Evidence ; Psychology and the Law ; Therapeutic Jurisprudence ; Mental Health Courts ;