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Research Supervisors

  • Faculty of Education & Arts

  • Professor Brendan Bartlett

    is interested in the area of key transitions in human development. This connects him particularly with strategic functioning in relation to advancing youth engagement, learning and language strategies, strategic teaching for effective learning, communication, sociability and wellbeing.

    Phone : 7825 (Brisbane) Email : Brendan.Bartlett@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    top-level structuring, reading and literacy ; learning strategies, strategic teaching ; communication ; reconnecting disaffected youth ;

  • Professor Doug Clarke

    Research interests including mathematical tasks, early mathematics learning, teacher professional development, the power of the one-to-one, task-based assessment interview, rational number learning, and making mathematics relevant to students' needs and interests.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3287 (Melbourne) Email : Doug.Clarke@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Early Mathematics Learning ; Teacher Professional Development ; Teacher ; One-To-One ; Task-Based Assessment Interview ; Education ; Making Mathematics Relevant To Students ; Mathematics ; Numeracy ; Learning ; Early Learning ; Rational Number Learning ;

  • Professor Romand Coles

    Romand Coles is a Research Professor at the Institute for Social Justice at Australian Catholic University. He is a political theorist and action research scholar who works on grassroots democracy, social movements, ecological crisis, religion and politics, intercultural dialogue, politics of difference, and democratic educational transformation. His work is informed by continental philosophy, critical theory, democratic theory, theology, critical pedagogy, and complex dynamic systems theory, as well as decades of participatory action research in processes of community organising. His books include, Visionary Pragmatism: Radical and Ecological Democracy in Neoliberal Times; Christianity, Democracy, and the Radical Ordinary: Conversations between a Christian and a Radical Democrat (with Stanley Hauerwas); Beyond Gated Politics: Reflections for the Possibility of Democracy; Rethinking Generosity: Critical Theory and the Politics of Caritas; Self/Power/Other: Political Theory and Dialogical Ethics; and a co-edited volume with Mark Reinhardt and George Shulman, Radical Future Pasts: Untimely Political Theory. He received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts in 1988 and has been a professor at Duke University and Northern Arizona University.

    Phone : 61297392883 (Overseas) Email : Romand.Coles@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    democracy ecological crisis social movements ;

  • Professor Margot Hillel

    Chair of Academic Board

    Constructions of childhood; children's literature; children's literature and history; social and cultural issues in and of literature for young people; values education through literature for young people; children's literature and visual media.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3238 (Melbourne) Email : Margot.Hillel@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Childhood ; Constructions of Childhood ; Children's Literature ; Visual Media ; Social and Cultural Issues ; Literature ; Young People ; History ;

  • Professor Elizabeth Labone

    Professor Elizabeth Labone is the Acting Executive Dean of the Faculty Education & Arts.

    Professor Labone has worked in Teacher Education and leadership in higher education for over 25 years. She has extensive experience in leadership roles including National Head of Education and State Head NSW/ACT, as well as Director of Higher Degree Research. She is currently on the Executive of the New South Wales Council of Deans of Education as well as a member of both the Victorian and Queensland Council of Deans of Education. Professor Labone has extensive knowledge of Teacher Education programs and policy across a range of contexts.

    Professor Labone is an internationally recognised scholar in the field of teacher efficacy. Her specific expertise is in the formation of efficacy beliefs, the role of efficacy beliefs in teacher professional learning and collective efficacy in school improvement. She also has significant scholarship and research in building teacher capacity for working with marginalised students. Professor Labone???s most recent projects include an international development program in Kiribati, Teach for Australia, principal resilience in Catholic schools, and support for the achievement of graduate standards for Indigenous students. She has successfully engaged in a range of large funded projects including OLT and ARC Linkages grants.

    Professor Labone commenced her academic career at the University of Sydney where she completed her PhD. Prior to her academic career she worked in Primary Education both in the Catholic and government sector. She has continued to engage strongly with the school sector in partnership projects, advisory and board roles.

    Phone : (02) 9701 4130 (Strathfield) Email : elizabeth.labone@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Teacher Efficacy ; Formation and change in self-efficacy in teachers ; Teacher professional learning processes ; Teacher beliefs and practices ; Equity in Education ; Academic self-efficacy in diverse student groups ; Efficacy for engagement with marginalised groups ;

  • Dr Jim Gleeson

    Dr. Jim Gleeson is the inaugural Professor of Identity and Curriculum in Catholic Education at Australian Catholic University. Prior to that, he worked as a secondary teacher in Dublin and Tipperary before joining the Education Department, University of Limerick (UL). He has worked in post-primary (consecutive and concurrent) teacher education there for some thirty years. His responsibilities included Head of Department, Course Leader for the Master's in Education Leadership and for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. He has extensive experience in school-based curriculum development and was responsible for the development of the Leaving Certificate Applied with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment and the external evaluation of various curriculum projects including 'European Studies' and 'Exploring Masculinities'. He holds a PhD from the Centre for Applied Research in Education, University of East Anglia on the theme of curriculum policy issues and has published widely on a range of related issues. He directed the Curriculum Evaluation and Policy Research Unit at UL and has supervised many post-graduate research students at doctoral and Master's levels. Jim was nominated by the Higher Education sector to the Teaching Council of Ireland (2005-2012) and has been both an elected and ex officio member of the UL Academic Council. He has worked as an External Examiner in Scotland and Northern Ireland and in all universities in Ireland and he remains an Adjunct member of the Department of Education and Professional Studies at UL.

    Phone : 7786 (Brisbane) Email : jim.gleeson@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Curriculum Development and Evaluation ; Managing Curriculum Change ; Teacher Education ; Participatory Action Research ; Masculinities ; Initial vocational education ; Moral reasoning ;

  • Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

  • Professor Jacqueline Cumming

    Professor Joy Cumming is the Program Director of the Assessment, Evaluation and Student Learning Research Program in LSIA at ACU. Joy has been involved in educational research for 40 years, including state and federally funded research projects and contributing to national and state policies. Her core research priority is educational assessment, with projects in adult and child literacy and numeracy. Her research also focuses on equity and social justice in assessment, including work in education law that examines the impact of educational policy and legislation in assessment and accountability on students. Prior to commencing at ACU in 2013, Joy was employed in a number of roles including Professor in the Faculty of Education and Dean of Griffith Graduate Research School during her 25 years with Griffith University.

    Phone : 7862 (Brisbane) Email : Joy.Cumming@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Assessment ; Evaluation ; Accountability ; Education law ; Standardised testing ; Accountability and equity in education ;

  • Professor Susan Edwards

    My research interests are focussed on dimensions of the early childhood curriculum, including theories and philosophies of learning and development, play based learning, teacher thinking and digital technologies. My current research is examining different approaches to play-based learning in early childhood settings and the role and relationship between consumption, digital technologies and children's play. Current research students I am working with are examining the role and use of play in early childhood curriculum, the use of sociocultural theory in early childhood education, children's play-based activities with digital technologies and the role of digital technologies in the early childhood curriculum.

    Phone : (Melbourne) Email : suzy.edwards@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Curriculum ; Play and play-based learning ; Digital technologies ; Teacher thinking ; Consumption ; Sustainability ;

  • Professor Vincent Geiger

    Vince Geiger is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at ACU. Vince taught mathematics and held school leadership positions before joining ACU in 2005. His research interests lie in the teaching and learning of mathematics and its applications, with a particular focus on the use of digital tools as enablers of mathematical understanding. The approach he takes to research is guided my socio-cultural principles of learning in exploring how both individuals and collectives of learners acquire mathematical ideas and learn to apply them.
    Vincea??s research program has attracted in excess of $1 million in external funding including an ARC Discovery award (2012-2014) and more recently an ARC DECRA (2015-2017). In addition, he is leader of the ACU team within a DEEWR OLT LELT project (Opening real science: Authentic mathematics and science learning for Australia, 2013-2016). Vince is a recipient of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasiaa??s Practical Implications Award for a research paper with the potential for direct application in school classrooms. He is the author of 81refereed publications that address the interests of both research and professional audiences and is currently Associate Editor of the Mathematics Education Research Journal. Vince supervises higher degree research students in science and mathematics education.
    Vince has always maintained a close link with the mathematics teaching profession and has held the positions of President of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and Chair of the National Education Forum. He was a member of the Queensland Studies Authoritya??s (QSA) Subject Advisory Committee and State Assessment Panel (1996-2005) and a member of the QSAa??s Learning Area Reference Committee (Mathematics) (2009-2014). His tertiary teaching expertise has been recognised through an ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2009.

    Phone : (07) 3623 7188 (Brisbane) Email : vincent.geiger@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Mathematics Education ; Numeracy ; Mathematical Modelling ; Teacher Education ; Teacher Professional Learning ; Digital technologies ; Applications of Mathematics ; Curriculum design ; Assessment in Mathematics ; Assessment in Higher Education ; Social Justice ;

  • Prof Kathy Mills

    Kathy A. Mills is Professor of Literacies and Digital Cultures at LSIA, ACU Brisbane. Her research has over 1300 citations. She currently leads two Australian Research Council grants, researching Indigenous ways of knowing and being in multimodal literacy practices in school (DE 140100047), and developing the multimodal expression of emotions of socially and economically disadvantaged primary students (LP 150100030). Professor Mills has won ARC grants totalling $1 million as named ARC Research Fellow or Lead CI. She has published over 80 works in total, including 5 sole-authored books, and more than 40 scholarly journal articles and chapters. She has published first-authored or sole-authored research in journals that include Review of Educational Research, Written Communication, the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Language and Education, and Linguistics and Education. Her award-winning 2016 book, Literacy Theories for the Digital Age is highly acclaimed by Professors James Gee (Arizona State University), and Brian Street (King's College London). It won the LRA Edward Fry Book Award, USA. Her latest book, Handbook of Writing, Literacies and Education in Digital Cultures won the 2018 Divergent Award for Excellence in 21st Century Literacies USA. Professor Mills serves on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Literacy Research (Arizona), and on the Review Board of the Reading Teacher (New Jersey), English Teaching Practice and Critique (New Zealand), and the Australian Journal of Language and Literacy. She has served in a number of executive research leadership roles for the American Educational Research Association, and is the Chair of the American Educational Research Association Writing and Literacies SIG, of six hundred members (2017-2019), and past program Chair (2015-2017).

    Phone : 6234 (Brisbane) Email : kathy.mills@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Multimodal literacies in education ; digital cultures in education ; written communication in education ; multimodal emotional expression in education ; Indigenous language and literacy in education ;

  • Professor Joce Nuttall

    Associate Professor Joce Nuttall is Program Director of the Early Childhood Futures Research Program in the Learning Sciences Institute Australia, Faculty of Education and Arts, at Australian Catholic University. Joce's research describes, implements, and theorises effective formative interventions in professional learning in early childhood education, particularly in childcare. Most recently this work has focused on capacity-building amongst educational leaders in early childhood settings, using system-wide analyses and actions. Joce has published over fifty books, book chapters, and scholarly articles, and is a regular presented of keynote addresses to international conferences on the areas of teacher development and early childhood curriculum and policy.

    Phone : 9953 3532 (Melbourne) Email : Joce.Nuttall@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Early Childhood Education ; Professional development of teachers ; Early childhood curriculum and policy ;

  • Professor Leonard Unsworth

    Len Unsworth is now Professor in Education at the Australian Catholic University in Sydney. In recent years he has held professorial posts at Griffith University, and the University of New England, and was formerly Head of the School of Development and Learning in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. Len has been a chief investigator on six Australian Research Council funded Discovery and Linkage projects since 2005, which have included work on image-language relations in picture books, the nature and role of images in large-scale reading comprehension tests, studentsa?? multimodal authoring using animation software, a a??good enougha?? grammatics for English teaching in primary and secondary schools, and pedagogies for cumulative learning in twenty first century schools. Lena??s publications include Literacy learning and teaching (Macmillan, 1993), Researching language in schools and communities (Continuum, 2000), Teaching multiliteracies across the curriculum (Open University Press, 2001), [with Angela Thomas, Alyson Simpson and Jenny Asha] Teaching childrena??s literature with Information and Communication Technologies (McGraw-Hill/Open University Press 2005), e-literature for children and classroom literacy learning (Routledge, 2006), New Literacies and the English Curriculum (Continuum, 2008), Multimodal Semiotics (Continuum, 2008) and, with Clare Painter and Jim Martin, Reading Visual Narratives (Equinox,2013).

    Phone : 2738 (North Sydney) Email : Len.Unsworth@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    English Education ; Multiliteracies ; Visual Literacy ; Children's Literature ; Systemic Functional Linguistics and Literacy ;

  • Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

    Claire Wyatt-Smith is a Professor of Educational Assessment and Literacy and Institute Director of the Learning Sciences Institute Australia. Her research focuses on professional judgment, standards and moderation, with an aligned focus on curriculum and literacy education. Her publications address teachersa?? assessment identities; large-scale standardised testing and its impact on learning; assessment adaptations for students with disabilities and assessment and new technologies. Clairea??s research has attracted funding from the Australian Research Council and she has undertaken numerous government-funded large-scale longitudinal projects. Recent books include Assessment for education: standards, judgement and moderation (Sage, 2014) and Designing assessment for quality learning (Springer, 2014), and she is the Series Editor for Springera??s assessment series, The Enabling Power of Assessment through which she works with international networks of researchers focused on assessment and professional practice. Claire holds an advisory role in the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, Ireland and a Professorial Teaching Fellowship, Hong Kong University, working in the Faculties of Education and Dentistry.

    Phone : +617 3623 7112 (Brisbane) Email : claire.wyatt-smith@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Assessment and evaluation ; Assessment standards ; Human judgment and moderation practice ; language and literacy education ; Digital assessment ;

  • Associate Professor Clarence Ng

    Associate Professor Clarence Ng has internationally recognised expertise in the field of motivation and learning. Drawing from both cognitive and sociocultural theories, his research work on motivation and learning has taken an integrated perspective to investigate complex contextual and interactive influences on learning and teaching in different curriculum areas using student participants drawn from a variety of disadvantaged backgrounds. The notion of contextualizing motivation and learning is the focus of his book, "Reforming Learning"(Ng & Renshaw, 2009, by Springer), a major international publication for understanding learning reforms within the Asia-pacific region. Building on this successful publication, Clarence is currently leading a group of international educational researchers to develop a new publication, entitled as "Reforming learning and teaching in Asia-Pacific universities"(Ng, Fox & Nakano, forthcoming 2014, by Springer), to explore important issues on improving learning and teaching at the university level, explicating significant influences of globalised processes at work in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Using longitudinal mixed-method designs, Clarence currently leads two ongoing ARC-funded discovery projects to investigate complex engagement issues in learning to read (DP110104289, Ng, Wyatt-Smith & Bartlett, 2011-2015) and sustaining aspirations for advanced Mathematics (DP140101431, Ng, Goos & Bahr, 2014-2016) among students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Australia.

    At the Learning Sciences Institute Australia (LSIA), Clarence is a program director for a priority research program on "Enhancing Literacy and Engagement for Overcoming Disadvantage". A major focus of this priority research program is the development of empirically verified interventions and innovative pedagogical models for re-engaging disadvantaged students to read and write with confidence and interest. National and international researchers including Professors Brendan Bartlett, Claire Wyatt-Smith, Steve Graham and Karen Harris are part of the research team working collaboratively to achieve this significant research goal.

    Phone : 7826 (Brisbane) Email : clarence.ng@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    learning, motivation and engagement ; reading and reading engagement ; education of disadvantaged students ; Asia-pacific education reforms ; Teacher learning and development ;

  • Dr Lenore Adie

    Lenore Adie is a Senior Research Fellow based in Brisbane in the Learning Sciences Institute Australia, working in the Assessment, Evaluation and Student Learning Program. Lenore has previously worked in the primary school sector in teaching and administrative positions. Her research focuses on assessment practices, in particular formative assessment and moderation, and spans across primary, secondary and tertiary education.

    Phone : 7333 (Brisbane) Email : Lenore.Adie@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Assessment, Formative assessment, ; Assessment for Learning, Moderation ;

  • Institute for Religion Politics & Society

  • Professor Jack Barbalet

    Jack Barbalet is an internationally acclaimed sociologist who has held professorial appointments in Australia, England and Hong Kong. His first academic position was lecturer in economics at the University of Papua New Guinea and his longest held appointment was in sociology at the Australian National University. He has contributed to a number of areas of sociology, including sociological theory, political sociology, the sociology of emotions and economic sociology. His current research concerns aspects of mainland Chinese society, especially guanxi, as well as connected themes in Chinese and Japanese religions.

    Phone : +61392308195 (Melbourne) Email : jack.barbalet@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Political Sociology ; Economic Sociology ; Sociology of Emotions ; Sociological Theory ; Sociology of China ;

  • Professor Bryan Turner

    I am currently the Presidential Professor of Sociology at the Graduate Center The City University of New York where I am the Director of the Mellon Committee for the Study of Religion and the Director of the Institute for Religion Politics and Society at ACU (Melbourne Campus). My interests are in the sociology of religion and the sociology of citizenship and human rights. My recent research has focused on the Sharia in Australia (mainly Sydney) and the United States (mainly New York)and on the idea of Muslim subjectivities (in a research project in Melbourne, Paris and Detroit). I am also developing an international study of religion and happiness primarily among young people. I am with Irfan Ahmad the co-founder of the journal for Religious and Political Practice. I have also been the founding editor of two other journals - Citizenship Studies and Journal of Classical Sociology.My other research interest is in technology, ageing and the longevity project. I recently co-edited a special issue of Sociological Quarterly on technology and ageing.

    Phone : (Overseas) Email : Bryan.Turner@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    religion citizenship human rights law ageing ;

  • Dr Tom Barnes

    Tom is an economic sociologist at the Institute for Religion, Politics & Society at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. He is working in the Institute's Cities and Successful Societies research stream, which looks at the role of society, government and business in the rejuvenation of cities and regions undergoing industrial decline. The core of this stream is a study of the social impact of Australian automotive manufacturing's decline in Melbourne and Geelong. He completed his PhD in political economy at the University of Sydney in 2011 and is an expert on urban development, industry and labour markets in India. He has a strong interest in the study of Asian labour movements, particularly Indonesia and India. He has written a book, Informal Labour in Urban India: Three Cities, Three Journeys (Routledge, 2015) and is currently completing a book on labour relations in the Indian automotive industry. He is co-convenor of the Sociology of Economic Life group for The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) and a fellow with the Victorian Parliamentary Library.

    Phone : 3931 (Melbourne) Email : tom.barnes@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Economic Sociology ; Urban Sociology ; Labour Rights ; Asian Societies ;

  • Dr Joshua Roose

    I am a political sociologist and the current leader of the Law and Religion stream within the Institute for Religion, Politics and Society. My work examines the intersection of law and religion, political Islam, Sharia, multiculturalism, citizenship and xenophobia. I also work on broader topics related to cities, deindustrialisation and Australian political parties.

    Phone : 3153 (Melbourne) Email : Joshua.Roose@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Law and Society ; Political Islam ; Multiculturalism ; Citizenship ; Cities ;

  • Dr Sally Weller

    Sally Weller is an economic geographer and economic sociologist with research interests focused on labour markets, cultural industries, manufacturing, urban and regional development and Australiaa??s evolving political economy. She is accomplishing in research design and both qualitative and quantitative social research methods. Sally has conducted three major longitudinal studies of labour market restructuring, has published more than 60 papers in quality peer-reviewed journals and earned more than $3 million in research grants and consultancies. She serves on the Editorial Boards of two highly ranked international journals - the Journal of Economic Geography and Work Employment and Society. Sallya??s contribution to the Cities and Successful Societies program links questions of urban and regional development to issues of social and spatial justice in an increasingly unequal world.

    Phone : 8194 (Melbourne) Email : Sally.Weller@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    industrial change ; regional development ; labour markets ; economic geography ; Economic Sociology ;

  • La Salle Academy for Faith Formation & Religious Education

  • Professor Chris Branson

    Phone : (07) 3623 7301 (Brisbane) Email : Christopher.Branson@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Educational Leadership ; Organisational Change ; Values and Leadership ; Ethics and Leadership ; Wisdom ; Human Resource Management ; HRM ; Self-Reflection ; Curriculum Leadership ; Social Justice ;

  • Associate Professor William Sultmann

    William (Bill) Sultmann is a teacher, psychologist, theologian and administrator with Executive and Governance Leadership roles in Education, Health and Welfare sectors across forty years. Qualifications span Arts, Education, Psychology, and Leadership with research doctorates in Educational Psychology and Pastoral Theology. Fellowships exist with Education and Management professional bodies. Current responsibilities include University Teaching, Consultancy, Professional Writing, and Community engagement in not-for-profit governance.

    Phone : 0427138414 (North Sydney) Email : william.sultmann@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Education, Psychology, Theology, Reading, ; Educational Psychology, Special Education ; Educational Leadership, Counselling, ; Religious Education, Mission and Ministry ;

  • Nat Sch of Arts

  • Professor Michael Ondaatje

    My research expertise lies in American political and intellectual history, with a particular interest in the history of African Americans and US foreign policy. In 2012 the Australian Academy of the Humanities awarded me the Max Crawford Medal, 'Australia's most prestigious award for achievement and promise in the humanities'. The Crawford Medal is 'granted to early career Australian researchers for outstanding scholarly achievement in the humanities in Australia, and to those whose publications make an exceptional contribution to the understanding of humanities disciplines by the general public'.

    Phone : 2389 (North Sydney) Email : Michael.Ondaatje@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    African-American history, US foreign policy ;

  • Professor Jan Seruga

    Computer Security, Data Communications, Education and Information Systems, Applied Mathematics

    Phone : (02) 9701 4467 ( Strathfield) Email : Jan.Seruga@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Computer Security ; Information Systems ; Education ; Data Communications ;

  • Professor Shurlee Swain

    My research expertise lies in the area of Australian and comparative social history, with a particular interest in the history of childhood, women's history, welfare history, religious history, history of the family and Indigenous history. I am the team leader of the Historicising Social Policy program within ACU's Historical Research Concentration, building on the influence which my research has had on inquiries and responses to Australia's history of forced adoption and abuse of children in out-of-home care.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3239 (Melbourne) Email : Shurlee.Swain@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    History of Childhood ; Women's History ; Welfare History ; History ; History of the Family ; Indigenous History ; Australian and Comparative ; Religious History ;

  • Associate Professor Catherine Bell

    Associate Professor Catherine Bell is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, visual arts lecturer and Gallery Director at the Australian Catholic University. She has presented her Doctoral research at the 95th Annual CAA conference in New York (2007), King's College, London at the Menzies Centre for Australian studies (2008), York St John University UK and NGBK Neue Gesellschaft f??r Bildende Kunst, Berlin (2009), University of Toronto (2010) and International Arts & Health Conference, Notre Dame University Australia, Freemantle Western Australian (2012). Her emerging research in art and health complements her art practice that forefronts art on the margins, art activism, community engagement and feminist perspectives. Catherine Bell is represented by Sutton Gallery, Melbourne and her video artwork can be viewed at the Australian Video Art Archive www.videoartchive.org.au

    Phone : 9953 3363 (Melbourne) Email : Catherine.Bell@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Performance Art, Art & Health, Art on the Margins ; Community Engagement and Art, Art Activism, ; Feminist Practice, Animals in Contemporary Art ; Art and Crime, Shamanistic and Ritualistic Art ; Public Art, Stealth and Performative Interventions ; Video & Installation Art, Drawing, Collage ; Photography, Art and Food, Visual Culture ; Cultural Anthropology, Art and Disability ;

  • Associate Professor Mark Chou

    Mark is an associate professor in politics. He joined ACU in early 2013 from the University of Melbourne where he had been a McKenzie Fellow in the School of Social and Political Sciences. Trained as a political scientist and lawyer, Mark received his BA (Hons) and LLB (Hons) from the Australian National University. His PhD in Political Science and International Relations was awarded by the University of Queensland in 2010. With teaching and research interests in global politics, political theory, democracy, and cultural politics, Mark has taught courses in international relations, democratic theory and peace and conflict studies.

    Mark is the author of a number of research articles in such journals as Millennium: Journal of International Studies, Australian Journal of Political Science, Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory, New Political Science, Political Studies Review, Telos, Critical Horizons, and Journal for Cultural Research. His first book, Greek Tragedy and Contemporary Democracy, was published in 2012 by Bloomsbury.

    Currently, his research examines the issue of democratic failure, looking to examples in ancient Athens, the Weimar Republic, contemporary United States, China, and Australia for insight. His first book on this topic, Theorising Democide: Why and How Democracies Fail, was published by Palgrave in 2013. His second volume, Democracy Against Itself: Sustaining an Unsustainable Idea, was published by Edinburgh University Press in 2014.

    He is also the co-founder and editor of the new international journal, Democratic Theory: An Interdisciplinary Journal, which is published and distributed by Berghahn.

    Mark is an associate of the Sydney Democracy Network.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3209 (Melbourne) Email : Mark.Chou@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Democratic Theory ; International Relations Theory ; Cultural Politics ; Greek Tragedy ; Chinese Theories of Democracy and IR ;

  • Associate Professor Theda Thomas

    Theda Thomas is the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) in the Faculty of Education and Arts. Her research interests lie in higher education, looking in particular at the development of graduate attributes and skills across the curriculum. She has a specific interest in first year pedagogy and how different discipline areas help students come to grips with the requirements of their discipline.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3867 (Melbourne) Email : Theda.Thomas@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Curriculum renewal in Higher Education ; Assessment in Higher Education ; Graduate Attribute Development ; First Year in Higher Education ;

  • Dr Haydn Aarons

    I am a sociologist with specific interests in religion, cultural consumption, health, and rural communities. My teaching covers a range of sociological fields. I specialise in quantitative methods, particularly survey data.

    Phone : 3303 (Melbourne) Email : Haydn.Aarons@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Religion & Society ; Health ; Research Methods ; Regional and Rural Communities ; Culture ;

  • Dr Melissa Bellanta

    I am a lecturer in history with a special interest in social, cultural and gender history of Australia. I was a lecturer at the University of Queensland (UQ) before joining ACU in 2013, and before that worked as a researcher at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at UQ, funded by ARC and UQ postdoctoral fellowships.

    My work looks at youth culture, protest masculinity, 'rough girls' and street style in Australian history. I also work on the history of the emotions and sentimentality in Western popular culture. I have an ongoing interest in the history of popular theatre, entertainments and early cinema - including the history of blackface minstrelsy and African-American performance.

    I am currently supervising historical projects on 'bad girls' and women from the 'criminal classes' in Australian cities,and Aboriginal domestic servants in Queensland.

    Phone : 4148 (Strathfield) Email : melissa.bellanta@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Social and Cultural History of Australia ; History of Youth Culture ; History of the Emotions ; Street Style and Street Culture ; History of Popular Theatre and Entertainments ; Blackface and African-American Performance ; Gender History (especially of masculinities) ;

  • Dr Rachel Busbridge

    Rachel Busbridge is a political sociologist who received her PhD at the University of South Australia in 2010. Since then, she has held research positions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, La Trobe University and Freie Universitaet Berlin as an Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She has taught sociology and politics at al-Quds University, al-Quds Bard College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of South Australia, Deakin University and Swinburne. She joined ACU as a Lecturer in Sociology in January 2018.

    Her work has appeared in Theory, Culture and Society, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies and Social Identities, amongst others. Her first book, Multicultural Politics of Recognition and Postcolonial Citizenship: Rethinking the Nation (2018), was recently published by Routledge as part of the Postcolonial Politics series.

    Rachel is also a Commissioning Editor of Thesis Eleven: Critical Theory and Historical Sociology (Sage).

    Phone : 8594 (Melbourne) Email : rachel.busbridge@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Multiculturalism and cultural diversity ; Nationalism and national identity ; Postcolonial theory ; Israeli-Palestinian conflict ; Reconciliation and recognition ;

  • Dr Victoria Carruthers

    My research areas are primarily focused on modern and contemporary art history and theory. I also have an interest in the intersections between politics and visual cultures both in a contemporary, globalised, neoliberal world, as well as in the Renaissance/Baroque periods. I completed an Honours degree at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney and then traveled on a scholarship to the UK where I completed a PhD at the University of Essex, awarded in 2012. My doctoral thesis focused on the art of the late American surrealist Dorothea Tanning with whom I worked in New York before her death in 2012. Before studying art history, I completed a BA in literature and philosophy and a Masters by thesis on Shakespeare's late plays, both at the University of Sydney.

    My research interests have been broad and reflect my education in the Humanities and my personal interest in the history of music. For this reason, I would consider my research practices genuinely interdisciplinary. In the past, I have mostly focused on the work of women artists involved with Dada and surrealism and I am still involved with a number of projects in this area.

    My publications include essays on Tanning's work and its relationship to music, gothic literature and mermaid imagery. I have also published on surrealist poetry, Young British Artists, the surrealist Czech artist Emila Medkova and I am currently preparing a critical monograph on Dorothea Tanning due for publication in 2017.

    Phone : 4264 (Strathfield) Email : Victoria.Carruthers@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Modernism, surrealist art practice, ; contemporary art, gothic literature/aesthetics, ; visual cultures, neoliberalism, politics, ; interdisciplinary studies. ;

  • Dr Nick Carter

    Nick Carter is Associate Professor in Modern History. Before joining ACU in July 2013, he was formerly Head of History at the University of Wales, Newport (UK), 2010-13, and Head of History at De Montfort University, Leicester (UK), 2001-04. He has held Visiting Fellowships at the University of Southampton (UK), the University of New South Wales and Monash University. He is a specialist in nineteenth and twentieth century Italian history and historiography, including Italy in a transnational context and Fascist legacies. A/Prof Carter also has written and published on the topic of Britain and European integration.

    In 2013, the Australian Journal of Politics and History declared his book Modern Italy in Historical Perspective (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2010) an 'instant classic alongside works by [Richard] Bosworth, [Denis] Mack Smith and [Paul] Ginsborg.' His latest edited book, Britain, Ireland and the Italian Risorgimento, was published in 2015 by Palgrave Macmillan. The book has been described by Eugenio Biagini (Cambridge University) as an 'innovative, sophisticated and multi-dimensional reappraisal of some of the key aspects of this fascinating page of transnational history'.

    Nick's current research examines the material legacies and memories of Italian Fascism in the postwar and contemporary periods.

    Phone : 4587 (Strathfield) Email : nick.carter@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Modern Italian historiography ; The Italian Risorgimento in transnational context ; Italian Fascism ; Briiain and European integration ;

  • Dr Duncan Cook

    I am a Physical Geographer and the Lecturer in Charge of Geography here at the ACU. I was awarded my PhD from the University of Sydney and since then have held post-doctoral positions at the Smithsonian Institution (USA), Georgetown University (USA) and the University of Glasgow (UK). Prior to relocating back to Sydney in 2012 I worked for the New Zealand Defence Force at the Defence Technology Agency as an Environmental Research Scientist.

    My research is currently focused on the relationships between climatic variability, human response and landscapes over a variety of timescales worldwide. This work falls broadly into two main categories:

    1. Recent and projected human-climate interactions: Historical climatic variability and environmental extremes in West Asia; Investigating the climatic background to recent piracy in the Horn of Africa region; projected climate change impacts in the Horn of Africa region; remote sensing of coastal environments via satellite and UAVs

    2. Human response to environmental change in the past: High-resolution records of environmental change (Asia, Central America, Australasia), ancient agriculture and climate adaptation (Central America, UK), palaeoclimates and archaeological change (SE Asia, Mesoamerica)

    The common theoretical thread linking these research interests is the question of how best to quantify and understand the complex interaction between human activity, climatic fluctuations and environmental change across the Earth's surface.

    Phone : 4147 (Strathfield) Email : Duncan.Cook@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Geochronology ; Climate Change ; Geomagnetism ; Geoarchaeology ; Soil ; Remote Sensing ; Geography ; Environmental Pollution ;

  • Dr Jen Couch

    I am a senior lecturer in youth work and coordinator of the youth work and international development degree. I came to ACU 12 years ago after working extensively in the youth and community sectors in Australia and South Asia. I have established a national reputation for my work in the area of refugee young people and resettlement, and have recently completed the first longitudinal ethnographic study to explore refugee young people and homelessness in Australia.
    I have worked with, and on behalf of, young people in the areas of refugee settlement, displacement, homelessness, rights and participation, torture and trauma, and capacity building. I have published widely in the area of young people and marginalisation and I am particularly interested in working in hopeful and positive ways to change social inequalities and exclusion.

    I have conducted ethnographic and qualitative research in Australia, USA, Mexico, Thailand, India and Tibet. I am experienced in a range of empirical research methods including in-depth interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, photography and ethnography and have used these in a range of fieldwork situations from anti-capitalist protests in India, USA, Australia and Mexico, working children's movements in India and cyber resistance in Tibet. My current research is focused on youth work in conflict zones, decolonizing youth work practice and embedding Southern Theory into pedagogy.

    I am an accredited supervisor for Honours, MPhil and PhD students. I have supervised postgraduate students working on an array of projects that focus on marginalised communities often with the aim of readdressing social injustices.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3560 (Melbourne) Email : Jen.Couch@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Youth work in post conflict areas ; Decolonizing Youth Work Practice ; refugee youth homelessness and settlement ; critical pedagogies ;

  • Dr Hannah Forsyth

    Dr Hannah Forsyth is Senior Lecturer in History and ARC DECRA Fellow at ACU.

    Her Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Project 'Are we all Middle Class Now? A History of Professions in Australia' is a three-year project 2017-2019. It aims to give an account of the growth of professions in twentieth-century Australia. It seeks to explain their relationship to changes in the structures and priorities of government and capitalism locally and through economic and institutional connections to international systems and organisations. She is conducting a statistical study of professions over the twentieth century and a political and cultural study of a selection of sample occupations, including Medicine, Law, Engineering, Teaching, Accounting, Journalism, Nursing and Social Work.

    Hannah is the author of A History of the Modern Australian University, a book published in 2014 by NewSouth Publishing. Hannah's research on the history of higher education has been the subject of discussion in the public sphere and she is a regular contributor to the media, in newspapers like The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald as well as The Conversation and London's Times Higher Education.

    Hannah teaches modern history, historiography and Australian Indigenous History. She has supervised honours and postgraduate work in labour history, Aboriginal history, history of capitalism and gender history.

    Phone : 4621 (Strathfield) Email : Hannah.Forsyth@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Australian History ; Labour history ; Historiography, History and Theory ; History of Education ; Australian Aboriginal History ; Settler Colonial Studies ; History of Capitalism ; History teaching and historical consciousness ; Social Inclusion in higher education ;

  • Dr Naser Ghobadzadeh

    Researching at the intersection of religion and politics, Naser's interests lie in the study of Islamic political theology, secularism, state-religion-society relations, and Middle East and Iranian politics. By mapping competing discourses and practices in the Muslim world, his current research project involves conceptualising the possibility not only of the co-existence of religious and secularity but also the need to recognise the religious roots of an emerging model of secularity in the Muslim world. Conceptualising the notion of electoral Theocracy, Naser is also working on authoritarian resilience in Middle East. This project intends to explore the contribution of repeated elections to the durability of authoritarianism.
    Naser holds a Ph.D. (University of Sydney, 2012) and an M.A. in Political Science (Shahid Beheshti University, Iran 2001). He has also worked as editor-in-chief of the foreign policy service at the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA), communication officer with the UNDP and head of the Information Resource Centre (IRC), UNICEF office in Tehran.
    Naser has authored three books including Religious secularity: a theological challenge to the Islamic state (Oxford University Press, 2015), Caspian sea: legal regime, neighbouring countries and US policies (Farhang-e Gofteman, 2005) and A study of people's divergence from ruling system (Farhang-e Gofteman, 2002). His articles have been published in internationally refereed journals such as Third World Quarterly, Democratization, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, Contemporary Politics, and Discourse.

    Phone : 3842 (Melbourne) Email : Naser.Ghobadzadeh@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Political Islam ; Middle East Politics ; State-Religion relations ; Secularism ; Islamic political theology ;

  • Dr Margaret Hutchison

    Margaret (Meggie) Hutchison's research focuses on the history of war, culture and memory. She completed her PhD in the School of History at the Australian National University in 2015. Her doctoral thesis explored Australia's first official art scheme of the First World War and was shortlisted for the Australian Historical Association's Serle Award for the best postgraduate thesis in Australian History. Her first book, Painting War: A history of Australia's First World War art scheme, was published with Cambridge University Press in 2018. She is also co-editor of a forthcoming collection of essays on painting, memory and war which will be published with the University of Alabama Press in 2019. She has won several international grants and awards in support of her research, including an Academy of the Humanities Travelling Fellowship and an International Council for Canadian Studies Grant. She has published and taught widely on war and culture and is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

    Phone : 6130 (Brisbane) Email : margaret.hutchison@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    First World War History ; Social and Cultural History of Australia ; Australian Military History ; Australian History ; comparative history ;

  • Dr Karen Lamb

    I completed a Master of Arts at the University of Queensland and a PhD at Monash University, both in literary studies. My publications on Australian authors inlcude an edited collection of contemporary Australian short stories (UNEASY TRUCES) and the first critical book on Peter Carey (THE GENESIS OF FAME). In addition, I have over twenty years of experience as a literary journalist, reviewing books for journals and newspapers, most recently for THE AUSTRALIAN. I have held teaching and research positions in literary studies, creative writing, and media and communications at at the University of Queensland, Monash University and The University of Melbourne

    I have have experience as an editor and manuscript assessor for major publishers and was a Ministerial Speechwriter for the Arts, working from a government public affairs unit in Canberra.

    My most recent research publication is on the Australian novelist Thea Astley, a now critically acclaimed biography, titled INVENTING HER OWN WEATHER (UQP, 2015.

    Phone : 4112 (Strathfield) Email : karenm.lamb@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Australian Literature ; Life Writing ; Social context of authorship ;

  • Dr Carolyn Masel

    Carolyn Masel's central area of interest is poetry in English, especially contemporary and modern poetry, but she has also published on short fiction and novels that make use of poetic techniques. Other areas of expertise include nineteenth-, twentieth-century and contemporary American literature; twentieth-century and contemporary Australian literature; twentieth-century and contemporary Canadian literature.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3562 (Melbourne) Email : carolyn.masel@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    American Literature ; Australian Literature ; Modern Poetry ; Recent & Contemporary Poetry ; Canadian Literature in English ; Nineteenth-century Literature ; Twentieth-century Literature ; Writing about cities ;

  • Dr Benjamin Moffitt

    Benjamin Moffitt is Senior Lecturer in Politics at the National School of Arts, ACU (Melbourne). His research is located at the intersection of comparative politics, contemporary political theory and political communications, and focuses on contemporary populism across the globe.

    Benjamin joined ACU in 2018. Prior to this, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Uppsala University and Stockholm University, Sweden. He received his PhD from the University of Sydney in 2014, and his BA (Hons) from the University of Wollongong. He has been a visiting researcher at the WZB (Berlin Social Science Centre) and University of Toronto, and is an associate of the Sydney Democracy Network.

    Benjamin is the author of 'The Global Rise of Populism: Performance, Political Style and Representation' (Stanford University Press, 2016), and numerous articles and chapters on populism in Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe, as well as the theoretical and media-communicative dimensions of populism. These have appeared in journals including Political Studies and Government & Opposition, and in collections such as The Oxford Handbook of Populism. He is currently writing a book on populism and political theory for Polity's 'Key Concepts in Political Theory' series.

    Benjamin is also a frequent commentator on populism in the Australian and international press, and his work has appeared in outlets such as The Economist, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Bloomberg News, The Conversation, the ABC, and the BBC World Service.

    Phone : +61392308597 (Melbourne) Email : Benjamin.Moffitt@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    populism ; Democratic Theory ; comparative politics ; political communication ; political representation ;

  • Dr Nell Musgrove

    Dr Nell Musgrove is the author of 'The Scars Remain: A Long History of Forgotten Australians and Children's Institutions', Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2013.

    She holds an Australian Research Council Discovery grant (2013-2015): A Long History of Foster Care in Australia: hidden stories of growing up in foster care in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

    This project is being conducting in association with Dr Dee Michell of the University of Adelaide. The project continues Dr Musgrove's association with the Federal Government's Find and Connect Web Resource, a website which brings together histories of out-of-home 'care' and archival holdings to help support Former Child Migrants, Forgotten Australians, their families, and all people with an interest in this part of Australia's history.


    Dr Musgrove has a PhD in history from the University of Melbourne which examines the history of children in institutional 'care' in Victoria: 'The Scars Remain': Children, Their Families and Institutional 'Care' in Victoria, 1864-1954.

    She also has a Master of Arts by Research (History) from the University of Melbourne: 'Making Better Families': Family Welfare in Melbourne 1945-1965; and a Bachelor of Arts (1st Class Honours) from the University of Melbourne, honours year in history: 'Denying Diversity': The Policy of Aboriginal Assimilation in 1950s Australia.

    Phone : 03 9953 3208 (Melbourne) Email : Nell.Musgrove@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Welfare History ; Australian Social History ; Women's History ; Child and Family Welfare History ; Historiography and Ethical Historical Practice ; Australian Indigenous History ; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History ; Indigenous History ; History of Childhood ;

  • Dr Marguerite Nolan

    My research critically analyses representations of race and ethnicity in Australian cultural and literary production. Specifically, I focus on questions arising from literary hoaxes in the Australian context, including the nature of identity, authenticity and cultural authority.

    Phone : (07) 3623 7182 (Brisbane) Email : Marguerite.Nolan@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Race ; Ethnicity ; Reconciliation in Australian ; Australian Literature ; Literary Hoaxes ; Cultural history ; Popular Culture ; Identity ; Authenticity ; Cultural Authority ; Multculturalism ;

  • Dr Xiaoying Qi

    Dr Xiaoying Qi (Email: Xiaoying.Qi@acu.edu.au) completed a PhD in 2011 at the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney (Now Western Sydney University). Her thesis won the 2013 Jean Martin Award of The Australian Sociological Association, given biennially to 'the best PhD thesis in social science disciplines from an Australian tertiary institution'. Her book Globalized Knowledge Flows and Chinese Social Theory (London & New York: Routledge, 2014) was awarded The Raewyn Connell Prize Special Commendation of The Australian Sociological Association ['in recognition of excellence of a first book by an author in Australian Sociology 2014-2015']. Dr Qi has published articles in leading internationally refereed journals including American Journal of Cultural Sociology, British Journal of Sociology, International Sociology, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, Journal of Sociology, and Sociology. Innovation in research is evidenced by Dr Qi's development of analytical concepts, including 'intellectual entrepreneurs' and 'veiled patriarchy'. Professor Gurminder Bhambra interviewed Dr Qi, in recognition of her scholarly innovation regarding a publication ('Social Movements in China', Sociology [2017] 51(1), at http://soc.sagepub.com/site/Podcast/Podcast.xhtml Dr Qi has extensive teaching experience and was a recipient of The National Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2012. Dr Qi is an experienced supervisor, having supported to completion numerous Honours, Masters and PhD theses.

    Phone : +61392308595 (Melbourne) Email : xiaoying.qi@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Cultural Sociology ; Family and Family Change ; Social Captical and Social Networks ; Globalisation ; Social movements ;

  • Dr Noah Riseman

    My research focuses on the social history of marginalised groups in twentieth and twenty-first century Australia. In particular I have researched Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander military service and the relationships between military service, citizenship, Indigenous rights and national identity. I am currently conducting two projects: one on the history of LGBTI military service in Australia, and one on the history of transgender identities in Australia since the early twentieth century. While most of my research focuses on Australia, I also have experience in comparative Indigenous history, particularly in relation to the United States and Papua New Guinea. I am available to supervise topics related to LGBTI, comparative and Indigenous history, particularly topics in the twentieth century.

    I do not update this RexR profile often; please visit my staff profile on https://webapps.acu.edu.au/staffdirectory/index.php?noah-riseman=&d=1.

    Phone : 03 9953 3226 (Melbourne) Email : Noah.Riseman@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History ; comparative history ; colonialism ; Australian History ; LGBTI history ; Native American history ; transgender studies ;

  • Dr Ellen Warne

    I am an accredited supervisor for Honours, MPhil and PhD students. I have supervised postgraduate students working on Forgotten Australians; Domestic and Family Violence Crisis centres; midwifery in the era of professionalisation and Catholic women's organisations. I have supervised honours students on: the Armenian diaspora in Australia; immigation stories of Anglo Indian migrants; Immigration experiences of South Africans coming to Melbourne; and Polish immigration and community in the western suburbs of Melbourne and currently, on the social and cultural impact of African-American visitors to Australia before the 1950s.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3822 (Melbourne) Email : Ellen.Warne@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Women's History ; Christian Women's Organisations ; Women & Social Policy ; Working Mothers-- History ; Transnationalism--War, Cold War ;

  • Nat Sch of Education

  • Professor Jim Bright

    Career Development and Leadership. Chaos Theory of Careers. Change, chance, complexity and uncertainty in careers and organisations. Leading in and with complexity.

    Phone : (02) 9701 4257 (Strathfield) Email : Jim.Bright@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Career ; Career Development ; Chaos Theory of Careers ; Change, Chance, Complexity, Uncertainty in Careers ; Uncertainty ; Chance ; Complexity ; Uncertainty in Careers ; Change ; Leadership ; Educational Leadership ;

  • Prof Bruce Burnett

    Professor Bruce Burnett's teaching and research extend across the area of sociology of education with a particular interest in critical social justice issues within teacher education and the high poverty schooling sector. Bruce was a co-founder of the National Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools (NETDS) program which expanded across 7 Australian universities. His research experience includes lead roles on an ARC Linkage grant and European Commission Horizon 2020 grant targeting equity and access in low SES school settings. In addition, Bruce has led an Australian Council of Deans of Education/More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative research project and is regularly invited to collaborate nationally and internationally on research associated with teacher education within high poverty contexts. Recent publications include a co-edited Springer publication 'Teacher Education for High Poverty Schools' and an NETDS Special Issue of the Australian Journal of Teacher Education. Bruce is currently a Senior Editor for the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Education Complement: 'ORE: Encyclopaedia of Global Perspectives on Teacher Education'.

    Phone : 07 3861 6285 (Brisbane) Email : Bruce.Burnett@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Disadvantage ; Poverty ; Initial Teacher Education ; Social Justice ; quality teaching ;

  • Professor Peta Goldburg

    Peta Goldburg is the foundation Professor of Religious Education at Australian Catholic Unversity. After graduating from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music she was a music specialist with the Queensland education department. She began her study in religious education and theology in 1983. Peta has extensive teaching expereince at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Peta's particular expertise is in developing pedagogy for religious education. Her doctoral thesis was in the area of Religious Education and the Creative Arts and her research interests include religion and the arts, world religions particulalry Judaism, and creative pedagogies.

    Peta has played a significant role in curriculum development for teach religion for the Queensland Studies Authority, writing the syllabus for Study of Religion and Religious Ethics in 2000,2008 and in the revision of Religion and Ethics 2014. In 2010, she was invited by Cambridge University Press to write the text book for Study of Religion entitled Investigating Religion, and in 2012 she published Exploring Religion and Ethics for Senior Secondary students. She is currently writing four books for junior secondary religious education entitled Discovering Religion.

    Phone : 07 3623 7303 (Brisbane) Email : peta.goldburg@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Religious Education and the Arts; Biblical Women; ;

  • Professor Romina Jamieson-Proctor

    My current position is Professor and Queensland Head of Education at the Banyo (Brisbane) campus of the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

    My teaching and research are broadly in the areas of mathematics education and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for learning and teaching. My particular research interests involve, but are are not confined to:

    * Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) curriculum integration, enhancement and transformation
    * Transforming learning and teaching with ICT
    * Development of statistically valid and reliable measurement instruments (quantitative methods)
    * Evaluation of educational programs and initiatives, especially those involving ICT
    * Mathematics Education
    * Intelligence, Higher Order Thinking, Problem Solving and Creativity

    Phone : +61736237267 (Brisbane) Email : Romina.Jamieson-Proctor@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    ICT and digital technologies for learning ; ICT and teacher practice ; Creativity and Learning ; Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Skills ; 21st Century Learning Environments ; Mathematics Education ;

  • Professor Kristina Love

    Kristina Love is Professor and Head of the School of Education at the Australian Catholic University (Victoria). As an educational linguist, she has been deeply involved in research and professional activity related to teachers' knowledge about language and literacy across the school subjects. She is Co Chief Investigator (with Professor Len Unsworth of QUT and Associate Professor Mary Macken-Horarik of UNE) on a three year ARC Discovery grant ($473,000) entitled "Grammar and praxis: investigating a grammatics for 21st century school English". She has been President of the Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ASFLA), Editor of the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics (ARAL) and Chief Examiner of VCE English Language. She has produced multimedia resources for teachers and teacher educators that translate current theory about language and literacy into practice (eg "Building Understandings in Literacy and Teaching" and "Literacy Across the School Subjects") and is working with colleagues in Stockholm and Copenhagen to further develop these materials online. In 2007 she was won the Norm Curry Award for innovation and excellence in the support of, and service to teaching and learning ($25,000) and in 2008 a Universitas 21 Fellowship to visit Stanford, UBC, Birmingham, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Universities. She has been an invited keynote at national and international conferences on issues related to her research.

    Phone : 61 3 99533507 (Melbourne) Email : Kristina.Love@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Language ; Linguistics ; Literacy ;

  • Prof John Munro

    My teaching and research interests are in gifted learning and talent development, creativity, literacy and math learning and learning difficulties, instructional leadership, school improvement and learning internationally.

    Phone : 8309 (Melbourne) Email : John.Munro@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    gifted learning and talent development ; literacy and numeracy teaching ; iteracy and math learning difficulties ; instructional leadership ;

  • Associate Professor Janeen Lamb

    Janeen Lamb is Director of Higher Degree Research. Her own research in the last 20 years has focused on issues related to educational leadership and mathematics education. This has included teaching and learning of mental computation in the early years; numeracy across the curriculum; statistics and probability in the secondary school and sources of support for the professional learning community as a way to make meaning of educational change in mathematics education.

    Phone : (07) 3623 7318 (Brisbane) Email : janeen.lamb@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Educational Leadership ; Mathematics Education ;

  • Associate Professor Philip Riley

    Phil Riley, a former school principal, spent 16 years in schools before moving to the tertiary sector. He researches the overlapping space of psychology, education and leadership, producing >200 publications and peer reviewed conference presentations. He has been awarded ~$8 million in research funding including 3 prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants. In 2010 Phila??s research was recognised with an inaugural Monash Researcher Accelerator award. This award funded the first two years of The Australian Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey, the first independent research project into principalsa?? occupational health and wellbeing. He has since won the Deana??s award for Excellence by an Early Career Researcher, and the award for Excellence in Innovation and External Collaboration, at Monash in 2011. In 2015, Phil won the International Study Association of Teachers and Teaching Award for Most Outstanding Article of 2014. He has presented 9 international Keynote addresses (Germany, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, France, Hungary and New Zealand) and 69 local Keynote addresses to industry groups in all states and territories. The Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey is now conducted in Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.

    Phone : 3730 (Melbourne) Email : Philip.Riley@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    leadership, leader-member exchange ; teaching and psychological processes ; Interpersonal relationships within the ; classroom and in the staffroom ; impact of Attachment Styles on the leadership ; OH&S for School Leaders ;

  • Associate Professor Kenneth Smith

    Invitational Education, positive psychology, teacher effectiveness, academic achievement, self-concept, self-efficacy, career counselling skills, research design, structural equation modelling, and measurement and evaluation.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3257 (Melbourne) Email : Ken.Smith@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Self-Efficacy ; Invitational Education ; Teacher Effectiveness ; Academic Achievement ; Self-Concept ; Career ; Structural Equation Modelling ; Measurement and Evaluation ; Counselling ; Education ; Teacher ; Career Counselling Skills ; Research Design ;

  • Associate Professor Gloria Stillman

    My expertise is in mathematics education and in particular researching metacognition and the teaching, learning and assessing of real world applications and mathematical modelling.

    Phone : (03) 5336 5329 (Ballarat) Email : Gloria.Stillman@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Mathematics ; Mathematics Education ; Real-World ; Application ; Mathematical Modelling ; metacognition ; Teacher practice ;

  • Associate Professor Joseph Zajda

    Globalisation and comparative education research, globalisation and education policy, decentralisation and privatisation in education, education reforms in the Russian Federation, lifelong learning, active citizenship education, curriculum reforms, values education, constructivist pedagogy, and school history textbooks.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3268 (Melbourne) Email : Joseph.Zajda@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Cross-cultural perspectives ; Cultural identities and values education ; Globalization and education reforms ; School history textbooks/nation-building ; Teachers' work in schools ; Lifelong Learning ; Russian history textbook research ; English literature education ; Constructivist pedagogy ; Curriculum policy and design ; Higher education policy research ; Values Education ; Active Citizenship Education ; History Education and Curriculum ;

  • Dr Jill Brown

    My expertise is in mathematics education. My teaching includes mathematics education for Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary pre-service and in-service teacher education. I have a particular interest researching the teaching, learning and assessing of real world applications and mathematical modelling, functions in technology-rich environments, affordances, zone theory, and anything that furthers our understanding of teaching and leaning mathematics

    You can find out about my publications via http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=OCZIwoQAAAAJ&hl=en

    Phone : 3847 (Melbourne) Email : Jill.Brown@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Mathematics ; Mathematics Education ; Real-World ; Mathematical Modelling ; Functions ; Mathematical Thinking, Reasoning and Proof ; Technology-Rich Teaching and Learning Environments ; Applications and investigations ; Teacher Education ; Authentic Learning ;

  • Dr Michael Buchanan

    My research agenda is driven by the thing I am most passionate about and that is student achievement in religious education through holistic engagement and deep learning. Learning in religious education has the potential to transform lives and learned people transform society in significant ways. My research program explores certain areas pertaining to the advancement of successful student learning. These areas include leadership in religious education and leadership in faith-based schools. Leadership in these areas demands all the education skills and expertise required of educational leadership in other schooling systems and contexts as well as the ability to integrate the faith and religious culture of the school within an educational environment. Effective leadership is oriented towards successful student achievement and my research explores key dimensions of leadership that are integral to leaders and aspiring leaders. The leadership dimensions under investigation in my research include: spiritual leadership, religious leadership, faith leadership, ministerial leadership, curriculum leadership and educational leadership. Teachers and the formation of teachers is also extremely relevant to successful student achievement and my research also encompasses the professional growth of pre-service and in-service teachers through reflective practices such as peer review.

    Research and interest fields
    Leadership and Religious Schools (e.g. Leadership and religious schools: International perspectives and challenges, 2013)
    Reflective Practice and Religious Education (e.g. Pre-service teachers' perceptions of the benefits of peer review, 2012)
    Religious Values and Culture (e.g. The impact of cultural religious Values upon Pre-service teachers perceptions of their role as educators in Catholic religious schools, 2011)
    Curriculum Change in Religious Education (e.g. Managing curriculum change in religious education: An inside perspective from school leaders in religious education, 2010)
    Ministerial dimension of RE leadership (e.g. Ministerial leadership: A dimension of leadership in religious education, 2011)
    Spiritual dimension of RE Leadership (e.g. Attending to the spiritual dimension to enhance curriculum change, 2010)
    Student Learning in Religious Education (e.g. Learning beyond the surface: Engaging the cognitive, affective and spiritual dimensions within the curriculum, 2008)

    Phone : (03) 9953 3294 (Melbourne) Email : Michael.Buchanan@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Curriculum ; Managing Curriculum Change ; Curriculum Leadership ; Religious Education Leadership ; Leadership in Faith-based Schools ; Formation and Professional Growth of Educators ; Religious Education ;

  • Dr Melissa Cain

    Melissa is a lecturer in the School of Education in Brisbane, teaching units on Inclusive Education and Arts education. She has been a school teacher and HOD for 22 years in Australia, and in Asia through the International School system. Melissa has been teaching at the Higher Education level for the past seven years. Melissa's PhD centred on the challenges teachers face when implementing culturally diverse Arts education examining a range of case studies in Australia and Singapore, and her current research covers four main areas- Initial Teacher Education, Inclusive Education, Creative Pedagogies, and Assessment and Curriculum. She has managed three large-scale national Learning and Teaching projects and has produced an international MOOC - 'Deep Learning for Transformative Pedagogies' through EdX and Microsoft. Melissa has received several higher education teaching awards and is the recipient of the Callaway Doctoral Award.

    Phone : +61736237221 (Brisbane) Email : melissa.cain@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Initial Teacher Education ; Culturally diverse Arts education ; Assessment ; Creative Pedagogies ;

  • Dr Renata Cinelli

    Renata is a Health and Physical Education Lecturer at the Melbourne Campus. Her research interests and experience relate to school health and physical education, body image, wellbeing and Indigenous health and education, and international cross-cultural teaching experiences. Renata has experience in both qualitative and quantitative research.

    Phone : 3047 (Melbourne) Email : renata.cinelli@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Health ; Teacher Professional Learning ; Physical Education ; Cross-cultural competency ; Indigenous education ;

  • Dr Poulomee Datta

    Dr. Poulomee Datta is working as an Early Career Academic (Lecturer) in Special and Inclusive Education at the Australian Catholic University, Brisbane campus. Prior to this, she worked in diverse positions - Mainstream Teacher, Special Education Teacher, University Lecturer and a Research Assistant. Her record of scholarly achievement at the University is evident from the number of research projects she worked in (four of these are complete), the research grants (four in number) that she was successful in winning through (as part of a team) and her journal publications in the field of special education, teacher education and higher education. She has worked in research projects designed to improve the educational outcomes for students with special educational needs and disabilities. She was the recipient of two research awards, 'Outstanding Student Publication Award' in 2011 at the School of Education, University of Adelaide and 'Research Capacity Building Award' in 2015 at the Australian Catholic University, for her active contribution to research in the discipline.

    Phone : 7426 (Brisbane) Email : Poulomee.Datta@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Special and Inclusive Education ; Students with Disabilities ; Test Anxiety ; Self-concept, health and wellbeing ; Higher Education ;

  • Dr Lisl Fenwick

    Lisl's research focuses on equity in education. She is interested in how curriculum design, methods of assessment, differentiation practices can either support or limit opportunities to learn and achieve for students from low-SES and Indigenous backgrounds. Lisl's reasearch also investigates how teachers' knowledge about genre and language can support teaching and learning practices that result in greater equity in education. Lisl uses a range of theoretical approaches in her research to help explain how curriculum, assessment and literacy practices can limit or extend opportunities to learn. She particularly draws on the theoretical work of Pierre Bourdieu and Basil Bernstein.

    Phone : (03) 5336 5421 (Ballarat) Email : Lisl.Fenwick@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Equity and Schooling ; Language and Literacy Learning ; Curriculum design ; Assessment ; Differentiation practices ;

  • Dr Cathie Harrison

    Early learning including contemporary and international perspectives, early childhood pedagogies, creative arts and multiliteracies; Childhood studies including social justice, giftedness in early childhood, and children's television; Qualitative methodologies including case study, phenomenology, and children's perspectives in research.

    Phone : (02) 9701 4151 (Strathfield) Email : Cathie.Harrison@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Early Learning - pedagogies ; Gifted children in the early years ; Children's play ; Young children and television ; Transition to school ;

  • Dr Sally Louise Humphrey

    I joined ACU in 2010 after completing a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Sydney, under the supervision of Professor James Martin. This research project focussed on the development of online resources within an embedded academic literacy support program at Hong Kong City University. Prior to this I completed a PhD, exploring the persuasive strategies of adolescent social activists beyond schooling. I have also worked and researched extensively in secondary and primary school literacy practices, focussing on the linguistic resources needed for access to high stakes knowledge in the disciplines. I have co-written a number of textbooks for pre and in-service teachers to support them in developing the knowledge of language for literacy and learning.

    Phone : 4469 (Strathfield) Email : Sally.Humphrey@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Language Education ;

  • Dr Mellita Jones

    Mellita's research is focused on effective pedagogies for teaching, learning and assessment, particularly in the areas of teacher education, and science education for a more just and equitable world. Mellita's research is predominantly qualitative with some work in mixed methods as well. She is particularly concerned with the use of critical reflective practice, and this informs her work with practising and preservice teachers in these areas.

    Phone : (03) 5336 5372 (Ballarat) Email : mellita.jones@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Pedagogies for Effective Teaching ; Reflective Practice ; Science Teacher Education ; Teacher Education in Rural and Regional Contexts ; University-School Partnerships ; Teachers' Professional Learning ; Teacher practice ; Teacher Efficacy ; Curriculum design ;

  • Dr Jennifer Martin

    Dr Jenny Martin is an experienced teacher and teacher educator. Jenny's research has contributed to the development of theory and method for understanding student and teacher agency in education practice. In her PhD, she developed the Grammar of Agency (GoA) as a methodological tool for cultural psychological research in education. Her subsequent work has applied GoA to understanding practice in science education and teacher education, predominately concerned with promoting science learners as agentic participants in classrooms, preservice teachers??? environmental agency and teachers??? agentic professionalism. Currently, she is involved in the Learning-rich leadership in early childhood education project where GoA will be applied for the first time as a tool for understanding practice transformation. Her expertise includes applications of positioning theory to education research, participatory ethnography, discourse analysis, discursive psychology and includes video-based research design.

    Early in her career in education, Jenny taught science in primary and secondary schools and mathematics in secondary schools. She subsequently worked as a teacher educator, including as a Professional Development Leader with the Victorian Department of Education and as a lecturer in science education at The University of Melbourne. Jenny was appointed as a full-time lecturer in science education and education studies at ACU in 2012.

    Phone : 3286 (Melbourne) Email : jenny.martin@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment ; Science Education ; Education for Sustainability ; Agency and Identity ; Classroom Interaction ;

  • Dr Karen Joy McLean

    Dr Karen McLean (PhD; MEd, BEd; DipTeach) is a Lecturer in Education at Australian Catholic University. Karen's research interests are focused on literacy and technology in the early years of education, including pedagogical approaches, play based learning and digital technologies. Her PhD research explored the symbiotic relationship between literacy and technology in the early years of education. Karen's current research involves examining the role of supported playgroups in schools. Her work in this area explores how school-based playgroups can support the development of community connections for children and families and provide increased opportunities for relevant play-based learning experiences. Other research includes the investigation of stakeholder perspectives on belonging,home learning and children's play through participation in supported playgroups and the exploration of pedagogical approaches to science and literacy in kindergarten.

    Phone : 5420 (Ballarat) Email : karen.mclean@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Early years literacy, ; Technologies in the early years ; Reflective Practice ; Early Learning - pedagogies ;

  • Dr Amy Kathleen McPherson

    The abiding concern of my research is to identify and understand philosophical dimensions in the cultural logics of education. Drawing on ideas from philosophical feminism, I tend to work at the intersection of epistemology, ethics and the politics of education. I am concerned with the relationship between education and society, the situated nature of educational issues through attention to social and cultural contexts, the powerful patterns that underlie our thinking about education and the generation of imaginative conceptions of philosophy of education. Recent research projects include: a study of the relationship between spatiality, embodiment, technology and classrooms; equity and widening participation in education, politics of wellbeing and ability in schooling and education for sustainability.

    Phone : 4158 (Strathfield) Email : Amy.McPherson@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Educational philosphy and theory ; Sociology of education ; Education as a public policy issue ; Social and cultural contexts of education ; Culture, diversity and social justice ;

  • Dr Tonya Rooney

    My research focuses on young children's experience in contemporary society, with a particular emphasis on re-conceptualising children's relations in and with space, time and more-than-human worlds. My work is cross-disciplinary and situated at the intersection of early years education, philosophy, critical geographies and childhood studies.

    Specific research expertise includes: environmental education; children and new technologies; conceptualising childhood space/times; and policy, regulation and risk in education settings.

    I am a member of the Common Worlds Research Collective - http://commonworlds.net/ - an interdisciplinary network of researchers concerned with children's relations with the more-than-human world.

    Phone : 1334 (Canberra) Email : tonya.rooney@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Early Childhood ; Philosophies of Childhood ; Environmental Education ; Childrens geographies ; Ethics and new technologies in childhood ;

  • Dr Jonathon Sargeant

    Dr Jonathon Sargeant is Senior Lecturer and researcher in Children's Rights Education, Inclusive Education and Classroom Management at the Australian Catholic University. Dr Sargeant's current research focuses on the child's perspective on their lives, educational experience, and future. He is particularly interested in supporting educational provision that incorporates young people's perspectives through ethical practices informed by the UNCRC. Other research interests include school-age children's wellbeing & safeguarding, behavioural enhancement, and social skills development.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3291 (St Patrick's Campus Melbourne) Email : Jonathon.Sargeant@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Child Rights ; Voice-Inclusive Practice ; Behaviour & Classroom Management ; Consulting with children ; Student voice ;

  • Dr Dung Tran

    Dr Dung Tran is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Arts & Education at Australian Catholic University.

    Prior to joining ACU, he worked at North Carolina State University, USA for more than two years developing and researching Massive Open Online Courses for Educators (MOOC-Eds). He also worked as Victoria University, Melbourne for two years as a lecturer. He is a native of Hue city, Vietnam, graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA with a PhD in Mathematics Education and a PhD Minor in Statistics. He also earned a Master of Education in Mathematics Education and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in Vietnam.

    His research focuses on designing and implementing curricular materials to improve students' quantitative literacy, abilities to use mathematics and statistics to be functional and critical in the home, civic, and work life. This agenda is evident in two related foci: (a) investigating the impact of inclusion of mathematical modelling and applications into curriculum on teaching and learning and (b) documenting ways to develop statistical literacy for students and teachers. He has extensive experience in curriculum analysis and development at the middle and high school levels, conducting sizeable clinical interviews with elementary children, and analysing a diversity of both quantitative and qualitative data.

    Phone : 0392308176 (Melbourne) Email : dung.tran@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Mathematics Education ; Statistics education ; Mathematical Modelling ; Curriculum ; Numeracy ;

  • Dr Ingrid Willenberg

    As a Fulbright scholar I completed my doctorate in the Human Development and Psychology program with a concentration in Language and Literacy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education with Professor Catherine Snow, world-renowned expert in child language. My dissertation research, funded by a Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, involved an in-depth mixed methods study of 100 South African children in kindergarten, exploring their language and emergent literacy skills as well as their home and school literacy environments. My research background is in social science and my experience falls under the umbrella of child development and well-being, with particular expertise in language and literacy development. My research experience includes studies on children's perspectives on their wellbeing, children's knowledge about and attitudes towards children's rights, and development of children's narrative abilities. My research is underpinned by a strong academic background in developmental psychology, linguistics, language and literacy, and speech-language pathology.

    Phone : 4575 (Strathfield) Email : ingrid.willenberg@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    Language skills underpinning literacy development ; Emergent Literacy ; Language & literacy socialisation ; Bilingualism ; Adult-child book reading ;

  • Dr Joanne Yoo

    Joanne has qualifications in teaching English and ESL to secondary students. She began her career as an academic teaching academic literacy and research writing in South Korea, where she explored the methodologies of autoethnography and narrative inquiry in her Doctorate. Most recently she has worked intensively in the area of quality pre-service teacher education across a wide range of subjects in the primary and secondary teacher education program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). At UTS, Joanne is worked with universities and schools in Asia to establish cross-institutional research, academic and student exchange. She is currently working at the Australian Catholic University in the professional experience teaching program for primary teacher education students.

    Joannea??s research interests include developing collaborative teaching partnerships, teaching as an embodied practice, action research and arts-based research methodologies, such as narrative inquiry and autoethnography. She is also involved in professional development for practising teachers in Australian schools on effective writing pedagogies and project-based learning.

    Phone : 4747 (Strathfield) Email : Joanne.Yoo@acu.edu.au

    Research Interests:
    autoethnography, narrative inquiry, action researc ;