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  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nat Sch Psychology

  • Dr Ying Yang

    Dr Ying Yang joined ACU as a lecturer in Social Psychology in July 2015. Her PhD research was focused on the cultural variance in perceiving collective emotions and the underlying mechanism. She has great interest and passion in understanding how people from different cultures perceive, think and behave.

    Her current research is focused on 1) culture; 2) collective emotion; 3) social identity; 4) intergroup relations.

    She has been selected to receive the prestigious Australian Government Endeavour Research Fellowship in 2016. The project seeks to explore how and why Easterners and Westerners perceive collective emotions differently. This project will shed lights on the function of culture on emotion recognition and also prompt a better understanding among different cultural groups.

    Phone : 4398 (Strathfield) Email :


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