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  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nat Sch Psychology

  • Dr Francesco Foroni

    Dr. Foroni conducts research on the interplay between affective and cognitive processes involved in social perception and judgments.
    He investigates, for instance, how people process emotion information and emotion expressions and how these processes influence perception and judgements. One line of research investigates how proprioceptive information about our own bodyA (e.g., facial feedback) are at the base of emotion information processing and how this proprioceptive information guides our explicit judgments and fast implicit evaluative processes.
    His research agenda also includes a growing line of research on perceptual, affective and cognitive processes involved in food choice. In collaboration with an interdisciplinary group of neuroscientists, medical doctors and neuropsychologists he is developing a research program with a novel approach to food research combining paradigms assessing implicit and explicit attitudes, decision making, and preference with neuroscientific techniques with the aim to directly apply the results to clinical and healthy populations. For instance, he is investigating how we categorizes different types of food and which factors (e.g., implicit/explicit evaluations) drive food/beverage preferences and choices.

    Other topics of interest include social perception, categorization, and group perception.

    His research is characterized by an integrated approach and has employed classical social cognitive behavioral methods together with electrophysiological and neuroscientific techniques also in healthy and clinical groups.

    Phone : 4538 (Strathfield) Email :


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