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  • Dr Jen Couch

    I am a senior lecturer in youth work and international development.
    I came to ACU in 2005 with a professional background in international community development, youth work and working along side displaced and marginalised communities particularly in refugee contexts and in South Asia.
    My PhD was a transnational ethnographic exploration of global justice activism focusing on activists in the US, Australia, the Zapatista movement in Mexico and the Narmada dam movement in India.

    I am passionate about social resilience and how to strengthen and rebuild this following experiences of community upheaval, violence, and trauma.
    My experience as a qualitative researcher and practitioner offers me a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical challenges facing vulnerable and marginalised communities.
    I have published widely in the area of young people, communities and marginalisation and I am particularly interested in working in hopeful and positive ways to change social inequalities and exclusion. I have recently completed the first longitudinal ethnographic study to explore refugee young people and homelessness in Australia.

    I have conducted ethnographic and qualitative research in Australia, USA, Mexico, Thailand, India and Tibet. I am experienced in a range of empirical research methods including in-depth interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, photography and ethnography and have used these in a range of fieldwork situations from global justice activism in India, USA, Australia and Mexico, working children's movements in India and Indigenous communities in the Northern Philippines. My current research is focused on the lived experience of refugee young people during COVID 19 and the way that youth workers have responded during the pandemic.

    I am an accredited supervisor for Honours, MPhil and PhD students. I have supervised postgraduate students working on an array of projects that focus on marginalised communities often with the aim of readdressing social injustices.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3560 (Melbourne) Email :


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