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  • Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

  • Institute for Religion & Critical Inquiry

  • Dr Matthew Crawford

    After completing a PhD (2009-2012) and a post-doc (2012-2015) at Durham University I took up a position as a Research Fellow in the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry at ACU in Melbourne. Presently I am writing a monograph on the Canons for the fourfold gospel compiled by Eusebius of Caesarea, focusing especially on the reception of the marginal apparatus in the later Latin, Syriac, and Armenian traditions. After completing this project I plan to begin work on Cyril of Alexandria's treatise Contra Iulianum, with the goal of producing an English translation and accompanying monograph placing the work in the context of pagan and Christian interaction in fifth-century Alexandria. I also remain interested in Tatian the Assyrian and his gospel version (the so-called Diatessaron) and occasionally produce articles related to these topics.

    Phone : 3142 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Jonathan Zecher

    I am a theologian and historian of religion. I work in the Centre for Biblical and Early Christian Studies in the Modes of Knowing program. My research is focused on the emergence and logic of monastic confessional practices in Late Antiquity, in dialogue with medical-philosophical psycho-physiological theory, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic strategies.

    More broadly, I am interested in the spiritual traditions of Eastern Orthodox spirituality, ancient medicine, and identity-formation in eastern monasticism.

    Before coming to Melbourne I taught Greek, Latin and "Great Books" (Classics, philosophy, literature) in the Honors College at the University of Houston for six years.

    Phone : +61392308373 (Melbourne) Email :


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