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  • Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

  • Institute for Religion & Critical Inquiry

  • Dr David Litwa

    M. David Litwa is a scholar of ancient Mediterranean religions with a focus on the New Testament and early Christianity. His research interests include gospel studies, New Testament apocrypha, comparative mythology, gnostic and hermetic theology, angels, daimones, Greco-Roman religions; Philonic Studies; Pauline literature; heresiology; gnostic and Nag Hammadi studies; ancient philosophy; deification (theosis); ancient esoteric movements (in particular, Greek mystery cults); and ruler worship. Litwa has published seven monographs, most recently from Yale University Press (How the Gospels Became History, 2019). A work on the Hermetic fragments was published by Cambridge University Press in 2018. He has taught courses at the University of Virginia (Religion and Classics), the College of William & Mary (Classics), and at Virginia Tech (Religion and Culture). He is a member of the Steering Committee of the Bible, Myth, and Myth Theory Group at the Society of Biblical Literature.

    Phone : +61392308386 (Melbourne) Email :


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