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  • Faculty of Education and Arts

  • Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

  • Dr Anna Du Plessis

    Anna Elizabeth du Plessis Phd, completed her studies at the University of Queensland and is currently a Research Fellow at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, Brisbane, Australia. She has 26 years of teaching experience in different countries of which 8 years were in school leadership. Her research projects investigate teaching workforce challenges. She completed extensive research on the out-of-field teaching phenomenon and the implications it has for quality education, professional development of teachers, school leadership styles and classroom pedagogies. She has a specific interest in the preparation and preparedness of teachers for the complex challenges they experience within the teaching profession. Her research studies employ mixed methods and qualitative investigations with a focus on in-depth understanding of lived experiences (students, parents, school leaders and teachers) within school and classroom contexts. Her current research project focuses on beginning teachers, especially on their well-being, career decisions, working environment and their access to tailored support. Her research informs teacher workforce planning, strategies and decision-making.

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