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  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nat Sch Psychology

  • Dr Joel Anderson

    I am a social psychologist whose research interests largely revolve around intergroup cognitive processes and how they typically manifest in a range of anti-social ways, including prejudice, stigma, discrimination, sexual objectification, and interpersonal dehumanization.

    My major research focus pertains to:
    * stereotypes and prejudice relating to gender or sexuality bias' (including gender-based inequality, sexual prejudice/homophobia/transphobia/femmephobia), migrant groups (refugees/asylum seekers or skilled migrants), and religious groups
    * sexualisation process including the sexualised treatment of women, sexualised online behaviours, and sexualised drug use,
    * gender norms and identities - including precarious manhood theory, masculinisim, and feminist psychology,
    * the social psychology of religion.

    From a measurement perspective, I'm interested in the use of indirect and implicit measures, or methods of measurement that tap cognitive processes beyond the realm of conscious control. I am also interested in the use of cognitive priming techniques to causally assess relationships (between social psychological constructs and attitudes) which are typically explored using correlational research.

    Phone : 0403723126 (Melbourne) Email :


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