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  • Dr Michael Buchanan

    My research agenda is driven by the thing I am most passionate about and that is student achievement in religious education through holistic engagement and deep learning. Learning in religious education has the potential to transform lives and learned people transform society in significant ways. My research program explores certain areas pertaining to the advancement of successful student learning. These areas include leadership in religious education and leadership in faith-based schools. Leadership in these areas demands all the education skills and expertise required of educational leadership in other schooling systems and contexts as well as the ability to integrate the faith and religious culture of the school within an educational environment. Effective leadership is oriented towards successful student achievement and my research explores key dimensions of leadership that are integral to leaders and aspiring leaders. The leadership dimensions under investigation in my research include: spiritual leadership, religious leadership, faith leadership, ministerial leadership, curriculum leadership and educational leadership. Teachers and the formation of teachers is also extremely relevant to successful student achievement and my research also encompasses the professional growth of pre-service and in-service teachers through reflective practices such as peer review.

    Research and interest fields
    Leadership and Religious Schools (e.g. Leadership and religious schools: International perspectives and challenges, 2013)
    Reflective Practice and Religious Education (e.g. Pre-service teachers' perceptions of the benefits of peer review, 2012)
    Religious Values and Culture (e.g. The impact of cultural religious Values upon Pre-service teachers perceptions of their role as educators in Catholic religious schools, 2011)
    Curriculum Change in Religious Education (e.g. Managing curriculum change in religious education: An inside perspective from school leaders in religious education, 2010)
    Ministerial dimension of RE leadership (e.g. Ministerial leadership: A dimension of leadership in religious education, 2011)
    Spiritual dimension of RE Leadership (e.g. Attending to the spiritual dimension to enhance curriculum change, 2010)
    Student Learning in Religious Education (e.g. Learning beyond the surface: Engaging the cognitive, affective and spiritual dimensions within the curriculum, 2008)

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  • Dr Elizabeth Dowling

    Dr Liz Dowling is a senior lecturer, at Australian Catholic University on the St Patricks Campus.

    Liz has many years experience in building the capacity of leaders and RE teachers in religious education. Her extensive teaching, research and various roles within the higher education sector follows substantial experience in many educational settings, including primary and P-12 settings. In these capacities, Liz has held various curriculum leadership roles. Liz has also played a significant role in curriculum development as a Curriculum adviser for the Catholic Education Office Melbourne.

    Currently her teaching includes education for Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary, pre-service and post graduate and in-service teacher education, as well as supervising postgraduate research students in the School of Education (Victoria). Liz's particular expertise is in Curriculum, Leadership and Professional learning.

    Her doctoral thesis was in the area of Leading Professional Learning in Religious Education. This research explored the leadership role of the REC in professional learning to enhance staff and student learning in the context of Catholic primary schools. It generated theory to support leadership of religious educators in student learning. This investigation has implications for what is provided as professional learning for religious educators, how it is provided and how it is supported. The findings are particularly useful for all key stakeholders concerned with the quality of religious education who seek to implement and evaluate religious education professional learning and thus continue to improve the quality of the subject in the Catholic primary school. She was awarded the 2014 ACU recipient of the Catherine Moran Prize in Education. The prize is awarded to the author of the PhD thesis which makes the most significant contribution to research, scholarship and ethical practice in education as evidenced by review of relevant examiners reports

    Her research interests include all aspects of religious education for Catholic schools; especially the pursuit of quality Religious education. Her most recent research is concerned with understanding the theory and practice of evaluation in classroom religious education in order to develop excellence in Catholic pedagogy (RE teaching).

    Liz currently supervises 3 doctoral students and is on the Editorial Board for the Religious Education Journal of Australia.

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  • Associate Professor Joe Fleming

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