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  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • University and OBI Centre : AORTEC

  • Dr Geraldine Mitchell

    Geraldine Mitchell completed her PhD (University of Melbourne) on 'Studies of pre-eclampsia in ovine placenta' after completing Honours and MSc degrees in embryology.

    She has 28 years post doctoral experience - although because of many years working part-time this is approximately equivalent to 15 years post-doctoral experience, and has expertise in morphology/morphometry, vascular grafting and angiogenesis.

    In supervising numerous research projects in these areas she has been responsible for the overall design, direction staff and student supervision and manuscript writing and conference presentations for numerous research projects including: the vascular avulsion project (rabbit, human and monkey), the long allograft vein project, the long term vein project, the cold stored artery/vein project, the role of NOS 2 in angiogenesis, mapping angiogenesis in the rat AVL model, the use of PLGA as a scaffold in tissue engineering chambers, triple angiogenic growth factors in angiogenesis and adipogenesis in murine model of tissue engineering.

    She is CI on a recently completed and a current NHMRC Research Grant, exploring techniques to improve implanted cell survival in tissue engineering models, and studies of the causes of vascular anomalies.

    Phone : (03) 9288 4030 (Melbourne) Email :

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