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  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nat Sch Physiotherapy

  • Dr Belinda Bilney

    Dr Belinda Bilney is a physiotherapist and Senior Lecturer in the Physiotherapy Department, School of Allied Health. Her research interests include an understanding of movement disorders and measurement of the disorder in people with conditions such as Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease and stroke. She has a particular interest in assessment of gait disorders in people with neurological conditions.

    Phone : 5367 (Ballarat) Email :

  • Nat School of Allied Health

  • Dr Erin Conway

    Dr Erin Conway is a senior lecturer in Speech Pathology. Her research interests include the impact of communication changes in dementia on the experiences of people with dementia, and the evaluation of treatments to improve communication for people with dementia. Intervention approaches include communication training for carers of people with dementia, and exploring treatment efficacy of word-retrieval rehabilitation in progressive aphasia. Dr Conway is also interested in cognition and language processing in healthy aging and acquired neurological disorders (eg. stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease) and the use of EEG methodology in the investigation of neurolinguistic processing.

    Phone : (Brisbane) Email :

  • Dr Gabriella Sharpe

    Dr Gabriella Sharpe (nee Constantinescu) is a lecturer and researcher in Speech Pathology at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Australian Catholic University.

    Gabriella's research interests include:
    1) telemedicine as an additional or alternative mode of service delivery in speech pathology
    2) neurological speech and voice disorders such as Parkinson's disease
    3) hearing loss across the lifespan
    4) cleft lip and palate related communication disorders; and
    5) communication changes following laryngectomy.
    Gabriella has been the primary investigator on projects across these areas.

    Gabriella has a strong focus on translational research to help improve outcomes for patients.

    Phone : 7183 (Brisbane) Email :


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