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  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nat Sch Exercise Science

  • Associate Professor Gert-Jan Pepping

    I perform research into Psychology, Perception and Action-, Motor Control-, and Decision-Making in Sport, Exercise and Healthy Ageing.

    Education, research and consultancy takes place in the following areas:

    - Visual exploration and situation awareness.
    - Affordances and action-boundary perception.
    - Locomotor pointing and falls.
    - Built environment and healthy ageing.
    - Decisions in sport, exercise and health situations.
    - Innovation and wearable technology in sport exercise and healthy ageing.

    Key words: Affordances, Exploration, Perception-Action, Perceptual Learning, Experimental Psychology, Sport Science, Falls Prevention.

    Phone : +61 (0) 736237550 (Brisbane) Email :


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