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  • Dr Melissa Bellanta

    I am a lecturer in history with a special interest in social, cultural and gender history of Australia. I was a lecturer at the University of Queensland (UQ) before joining ACU in 2013, and before that worked as a researcher at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at UQ, funded by ARC and UQ postdoctoral fellowships.

    My work looks at youth culture, protest masculinity, 'rough girls' and street style in Australian history. I also work on the history of the emotions and sentimentality in Western popular culture. I have an ongoing interest in the history of popular theatre, entertainments and early cinema - including the history of blackface minstrelsy and African-American performance.

    I am currently supervising historical projects on 'bad girls' and women from the 'criminal classes' in Australian cities,and Aboriginal domestic servants in Queensland.

    Phone : 4148 (Strathfield) Email :

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