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  • Professor Peta Goldburg

    Peta Goldburg is the foundation Professor of Religious Education at Australian Catholic Unversity. After graduating from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music she was a music specialist with the Queensland education department. She began her study in religious education and theology in 1983. Peta has extensive teaching expereince at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Peta's particular expertise is in developing pedagogy for religious education. Her doctoral thesis was in the area of Religious Education and the Creative Arts and her research interests include religion and the arts, world religions particulalry Judaism, and creative pedagogies.

    Peta has played a significant role in curriculum development for teach religion for the Queensland Studies Authority, writing the syllabus for Study of Religion and Religious Ethics in 2000,2008 and in the revision of Religion and Ethics 2014. In 2010, she was invited by Cambridge University Press to write the text book for Study of Religion entitled Investigating Religion, and in 2012 she published Exploring Religion and Ethics for Senior Secondary students. She is currently writing four books for junior secondary religious education entitled Discovering Religion.

    Phone : 07 3623 7303 (Brisbane) Email :


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