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  • Faculty of Law and Business

  • Nat Peter Faber Business School

  • Dr Rajiv Amarnani

    My research applies psychological principles to explain how people experience their work and develop their careers. My specific areas of research are:

    (1) Service gone wild - I study anything and everything that goes wrong in interactions between workers and clients, such as mistreatment and sabotage in customer service encounters, abusive patients in the healthcare sector, etc.

    I am also broadly interested in bad behavior at work (e.g. workplace aggression, incivility / rudeness).

    (2) Career development - I study people's passion, persistence, and progression in their careers, particularly in STEM fields.

    (3) Aging workforce - I study how older workers deal with challenging situations at work, unpacking both the strengths and vulnerabilities that come with advancing age.

    I am a "self-centered" researcher--my research in and around organizations is informed by principles of self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-regulation, and self-control in the social psychology literature.

    PhD in Organizational Behavior (ANU), 2016

    Phone : 3439 (Melbourne) Email :


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