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  • Faculty of Education and Arts

  • Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

  • Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

    Claire Wyatt-Smith is the Director of the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education at the Australian Catholic University and Professor of Educational Assessment and Literacy.

    Her research addresses standards and the use of professional judgements to improve learning and the role of digital technologies in educational assessment and evaluation. She is currently leading a large scale study of reform in initial teacher education involving 14 Australian Higher Education Institutes as partners in the study spanning six states and territories. She is also undertaking major studies into the teaching of writing, large scale standardised testing and the impact of new technologies on classroom learning.

    Current work includes a review of NAPLAN involving Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. Other work includes research on digital learning assessment, big data and learning analytics. Outcomes from this include the UNESCO paper on digital learning assessment, big data and learning analytics

    Her work has attracted funding from the Australian Research Council (Discovery and Linkage Schemes), and governments at national and state levels, as well as international educational agencies. This funding has supported her extensive publications in leading international journals and publishing houses. She is the Foundation Editor of two book series with Springer Publishing in the fields of educational assessment and teacher education: Teacher Education, Learning Innovation and Accountability (2018) and The Enabling Power of Assessment (2014). ORCID 0000-0003-1190-9909

    Phone : +617 3623 7112 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Institute for Religion Politics & Society

  • Dr Joshua Roose

    I am a political sociologist and the current leader of the Law and Religion stream within the Institute for Religion, Politics and Society. My work examines the intersection of law and religion, political Islam, Sharia, multiculturalism, citizenship and xenophobia. I also work on broader topics related to cities, deindustrialisation and Australian political parties.

    Phone : 3153 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Nat Sch of Arts

  • Associate Professor Mark Chou

    Mark is an associate professor in politics. He joined ACU in early 2013 from the University of Melbourne where he had been a McKenzie Fellow in the School of Social and Political Sciences. Trained as a political scientist and lawyer, Mark received his BA (Hons) and LLB (Hons) from the Australian National University. His PhD in Political Science and International Relations was awarded by the University of Queensland in 2010. With teaching and research interests in global politics, political theory, democracy, and cultural politics, Mark has taught courses in international relations, democratic theory and peace and conflict studies.

    Mark is the author of a number of research articles in such journals as Millennium: Journal of International Studies, Australian Journal of Political Science, Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory, New Political Science, Political Studies Review, Telos, Critical Horizons, and Journal for Cultural Research. His first book, Greek Tragedy and Contemporary Democracy, was published in 2012 by Bloomsbury.

    Currently, his research examines the issue of democratic failure, looking to examples in ancient Athens, the Weimar Republic, contemporary United States, China, and Australia for insight. His first book on this topic, Theorising Democide: Why and How Democracies Fail, was published by Palgrave in 2013. His second volume, Democracy Against Itself: Sustaining an Unsustainable Idea, was published by Edinburgh University Press in 2014.

    He is also the co-founder and editor of the new international journal, Democratic Theory: An Interdisciplinary Journal, which is published and distributed by Berghahn.

    Mark is an associate of the Sydney Democracy Network.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3209 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Naser Ghobadzadeh

    Researching at the intersection of religion and politics, Naser's interests lie in the study of Islamic political theology, secularism, state-religion-society relations, and Middle East and Iranian politics. By mapping competing discourses and practices in the Muslim world, his current research project involves conceptualising the possibility not only of the co-existence of religious and secularity but also the need to recognise the religious roots of an emerging model of secularity in the Muslim world. Conceptualising the notion of electoral Theocracy, Naser is also working on authoritarian resilience in Middle East. This project intends to explore the contribution of repeated elections to the durability of authoritarianism.
    Naser holds a Ph.D. (University of Sydney, 2012) and an M.A. in Political Science (Shahid Beheshti University, Iran 2001). He has also worked as editor-in-chief of the foreign policy service at the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA), communication officer with the UNDP and head of the Information Resource Centre (IRC), UNICEF office in Tehran.
    Naser has authored three books including Religious secularity: a theological challenge to the Islamic state (Oxford University Press, 2015), Caspian sea: legal regime, neighbouring countries and US policies (Farhang-e Gofteman, 2005) and A study of people's divergence from ruling system (Farhang-e Gofteman, 2002). His articles have been published in internationally refereed journals such as Third World Quarterly, Democratization, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, Contemporary Politics, and Discourse.

    Phone : 3842 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Benjamin Moffitt

    Benjamin Moffitt is Senior Lecturer in Politics and Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow (2019-2022) at the National School of Arts, ACU (Melbourne). His research is located at the intersection of comparative politics, contemporary political theory and political communications, and focuses on contemporary populism across the globe.

    Benjamin joined ACU in 2018. Prior to this, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Uppsala University and Stockholm University, Sweden. He received his PhD from the University of Sydney in 2014, and his BA (Hons) from the University of Wollongong. He has been a visiting researcher at the WZB (Berlin Social Science Centre) and University of Toronto, and is an associate of the Sydney Democracy Network and Uppsala University's Department of Government.

    Benjamin is the author of three books on populism: 'Populism' (Polity, 2020), 'Political Meritocracy and Populism: Curse or Cure?' (with Mark Chou & Octavia Bryant, Routledge, 2020), and 'The Global Rise of Populism: Performance, Political Style and Representation' (Stanford University Press, 2016). He has also authored numerous articles and chapters on populism in Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe, as well as the theoretical and media-communicative dimensions of populism. These have appeared in journals including Political Studies and Government & Opposition, and in collections such as The Oxford Handbook of Populism.

    Benjamin is currently working on two major projects. The first, funded by the Australian Research Council (2019-2022), is entitled 'The Visual Politics of Populism', and comparatively examines how populists use visual media and how visual media covers populists across the globe. It aims to develop a broader theoretical understanding of the linkages between populism, aesthetics and democracy.

    The second, funded by the MM Wallenberg Foundation (2019-2022), is entitled 'Democratic Self-Defense: The Social Model', and is a collaboration with former colleagues at Uppsala University, Sofia N??sstr??m, Paula Blomqvist and Anthoula Malkopoulou. This project examines how democracy can be defended in times of political discontent and democratic instability, with a particular focus on the role of social integration and welfare as opposed to militant or liberal approaches.

    Benjamin is also a frequent commentator in the Australian and international press, and his work has appeared in outlets such as The Economist, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Bloomberg News, The Conversation, the ABC, and the BBC World Service. In 2018, Benjamin was named one of ABC's inaugural Top 5 researchers in Humanities and the Social Sciences in Australia.

    Phone : +61392308597 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Nat Sch of Education

  • Associate Professor Joseph Zajda

    Associate Professor Joseph Zajda is a world-renowned scholar in the area of globalisation and education policy reforms. He has published over 43 books (monographs and edited books) and hundreds of book chapters and articles in refereed journals internationally. He has made an outstanding contribution to research in education globally, with emphasis on globalisation, education reforms, human rights, social justice, gender and equity and the enhancement of quality in teacher education.

    His published research includes works in 498 publications in 4 languages and 10,234 library holdings, adding immense research expertise to his work globally in teacher education and pedagogy. He has provided outstanding service to teacher education through his research globally, graduate teaching, doctoral supervision, and his editorial work.

    His Second International Handbook of Globalisation, Education and Policy Research (Dordrecht: Springer. has 126,899-chapter downloads so far.
    As a result, he has received a new book contract from Springer to edit International Handbook of Globalisation, Education and Policy Research (2020).
    He has established a series of leading academic journals. These included Educational Practice & Theory, Education & Society, Curriculum & Teaching, World Studies in Education, and Learning & Teaching, an international journal in classroom pedagogy. It enabled scholars in the field of education, curriculum and policy reforms to share their research with an international audience. A hallmark of his contribution to teacher education and research is his ongoing support to young researchers.
    He was the chair of the Publication Committee of the World Council of Comparative and Education Societies, and chaired numerous panels and presented papers at the Comparative and International Education Society. He is consulting editor of the UNESCO's 'International Review of Education Journal'.

    He received the 2012 Peter Sheehan Excellence in Research Award. The award recognises the high quality of research activities, and particularly celebrates sustained research that has had a substantive impact nationally and internationally (Faculty of Education, Australian Catholic University).

    He received Australian Awards for University Teaching in July 2011 Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, for an innovative, influential and sustained contribution to teacher education through scholarship and publication and for an innovative approach in teacher education, where he uses global pedagogy and teacher as a researcher model.

    He is Secretary of the Australian Council on Human Rights Education (elected in November 2018).
    Elected as Fellow of the Australian College of Educators (June 2013). FACE
    He is currently working on the 24-volume Globalisation, Comparative Education and Policy Research series (Springer, 2015-2020). He has completed editing volumes 14-19 in the Globalisation series.
    Areas of research
    Globalisation and comparative education research, globalisation and education policy, decentralisation and privatisation in education, education reforms in the Russian Federation, lifelong learning, active citizenship education, curriculum reforms, values education, constructivist pedagogy, and school history textbooks.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3268 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Amanda Gutierrez

    Dr Amanda Gutierrez is a Senior Lecturer in English/literacy and Teacher Professional Practice. She also works across multiple local and international partnership projects. She comes from a secondary English teaching background and has taught and held school leadership positions in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. She completed her MEd titled "'Empowering' Indigenous students in a critical literacy classroom" while teaching in Northwest WA.

    In 2014 she completed her PhD 'Critical literacy in Australia: affordances, tensions and hybridizations'. This focused on the ways critical literacy is constructed in academic texts, curriculum documents in Victoria and Queensland and in teacher discourse/practice in these two states.

    Amanda has worked and published in the area of critical literacy and digital games as well as completed a systematic review on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literacy programs.

    She also researches in the area of professional experience and partnerships, in particular models of partnerships and professional becoming within these settings. She has led research projects investigating pre-service teacher professional becoming in partnership models and has published in this area.

    Dr Gutierrez also coordinates an international partnership project between ACU and the Monastic Education Development Group in Myanmar.

    Phone : 0738616286 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nat Sch of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

  • Professor Fran McInerney

    I am a registered nurse and a sociologist. I hold postgraduate qualifications in nursing, education, social science, and public health. I have been engaged in teaching, practice, and research in the areas of aged and palliative care nursing for over twenty years and have published broadly in these fields over that time. In 2011 I was appointed inaugural Professor of Aged Care, a joint appointment between the Australian Catholic University and Mercy Health in Melbourne. My research interests include social constructions of death and dying, the nexus between aged and palliative care, dementia as a terminal illness, health workers in aged care and palliative contexts, and qualitative methodologies.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3856 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Nat School of Allied Health

  • Dr Zaneta Mok

    Dr Zaneta Mok is a lecturer in Speech Pathology with a strong background in clinical linguistics. Her research focuses on the application of social and functionally based approaches to linguistics to communication disorders. She is especially interested in how to support social communication and interaction for people with dementia and aphasia and outcome measurement in everyday discourse and conversation.

    Phone : (03) 99533754 (Melbourne) Email :


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