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  • Faculty of Education and Arts

  • Nat Sch of Education

  • Dr Karen Joy McLean

    Dr Karen McLean (PhD; MEd, BEd; DipTeach) is a Lecturer in Education at Australian Catholic University. Karen's research interests are focused on literacy and technology in the early years of education, including pedagogical approaches, play based learning and digital technologies. Her PhD research explored the symbiotic relationship between literacy and technology in the early years of education. Karen's current research involves examining the role of supported playgroups in schools. Her work in this area explores how school-based playgroups can support the development of community connections for children and families and provide increased opportunities for relevant play-based learning experiences. Other research includes the investigation of stakeholder perspectives on belonging,home learning and children's play through participation in supported playgroups and the exploration of pedagogical approaches to science and literacy in kindergarten.

    Phone : 5420 (Ballarat) Email :


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