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Supervisors with this research method

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nat Sch Psychology

  • Dr Peter Koval

    My research lies at the intersection of social, personality and clinical psychology with a focus on emotional processes.
    I study emotional functioning in daily life using 'experience sampling' or 'ecological momentary assessment.' This involves collecting intensive longitudinal data (e.g., many repeated measurements of emotions from each individual) and therefore requires use of non-standard statistics. Hence, I also have an interest in multilevel modeling, especially in relation to studying within-person variability and change over time.
    Substantively, I am interested in how people experience and regulate their emotions in response to everyday events, and how these processes relate to well-being and psychopathology.
    For example, I have examined how negative emotions fluctuate over time among people with varying levels of depressive symptoms, as well as among young people diagnosed with clinical depression.
    I have also investigated how patterns of emotional change over time are related to the strategies people habitually use to regulate their emotions, as well as to environmental factors (e.g., social stress).
    I am currently involved in several trials of novel online interventions for young people with psychosis and depression and their carers, in collaboration with Professor John Gleeson (ACU) and researchers at Orygen (the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health).

    Phone : (Melbourne) Email :

  • Faculty of Law and Business

  • Nat Thomas More Law School

  • Dr Kunle Ola

    Dr Kunle Ola is a Lecturer at the Thomas More Law School teaching Intellectual Property, Business Organisations, Contract and Consumer Protection. He's research focuses on Intellectual Property, Copyright Collective Administration and Open Access to Knowledge. In his research he has collaborated with reputable agencies including, the Ford Foundation, United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD), World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Australian Research Council (ARC) and Canada's International Development Research Council (IDRC). He has published with reputable international publishers and journals. His recent work on Open Access titled Open Access to Knowledge in Nigeria: A framework for developing countries was recently published with Routledge (2018).

    Phone : +61399533652 (Melbourne) Email :


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