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Supervisors with this research method

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

  • Professor Lazar Stankov

    I am a psychologist by training. My specialty is the study of individual differences in the following areas:
    - Intelligence and cognitive abilities, including the study of biological aspects and aging, the role of cognitive processes and manipulations of difficulty and complexity, and personnel selection;
    - Noncognitive (e.g., personality traits and self-beliefs) predictors of achievement and cognitive performance;
    - Cross-cultural differences in cognitive and noncognitive processes; and
    - The study of militant extremist mindset and terrorism.

    Phone : 4664 (Strathfield) Email :

  • Dr Theresa Dicke

    As a psychologist, my research interests lie in substantive as well as (in) methodological aspects. Substantively, my research mainly focuses on resources (e.g. engagement, motivation, classroom management) to tackle occupational strain (e.g. burnout, fatigue, depression). Further, I investigate the role of self-beliefs within the stress development process. I have also started to examine the effects of self-regulated learning on studentsa?? academic achievement. In the future I strive to expand my research in the realm of motivational variables.
    Methodologically, I am interested in and apply structural equation modeling (longitudinal models, moderation and mediation, ESEM) and I am always eager to learn innovative and complex new approaches. Recently, I have also started to acquire skills in multilevel modeling.

    Phone : 4737 (Strathfield) Email :

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