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Supervisors with this research method

  • Faculty of Education and Arts

  • Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

  • Professor Joce Nuttall

    Professor Joce Nuttall is Director of the Teacher Education research concentration in the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, Faculty of Education and Arts, at ACU. Joce's research describes, implements and theorises effective interventions in professional learning in schools and early childhood settings, particularly in childcare. Most recently this work has focused on capacity building among educational leaders in early childhood and junior school settings, using system-wide analyses and actions. Joce has published over seventy books, book chapters and scholarly articles and is a regular presenter of keynote addresses at international conferences in the areas of teacher development, and early childhood curriculum and policy. Joce commenced at ACU in 2011 as a Principal Research Fellow.

    Phone : 03 9953 3532 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Nat Sch of Education

  • Prof Bruce Burnett

    Professor Bruce Burnett's teaching and research extend across the area of sociology of education with a particular interest in critical social justice issues within teacher education and the high poverty schooling sector. Bruce was a co-founder of the National Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools (NETDS) program which expanded across 7 Australian universities. His research experience includes lead roles on an ARC Linkage grant and European Commission Horizon 2020 grant targeting equity and access in low SES school settings. In addition, Bruce has led an Australian Council of Deans of Education/More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative research project and is regularly invited to collaborate nationally and internationally on research associated with teacher education within high poverty contexts. Recent publications include a co-edited Springer publication 'Teacher Education for High Poverty Schools' and an NETDS Special Issue of the Australian Journal of Teacher Education. Bruce is currently a Senior Editor for the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Education Complement: 'ORE: Encyclopaedia of Global Perspectives on Teacher Education'.

    Phone : 07 3861 6285 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Dr Melissa Cain

    Melissa is a lecturer in the School of Education in Brisbane, teaching units on Inclusive Education and Arts education. She has been a school teacher and HOD for 22 years in Australia, and in Asia through the International School system. Melissa's PhD centred on the challenges teachers face when implementing culturally diverse Arts education examining a range of case studies in Australia and Singapore, and her research covers Inclusive Education, Creative Pedagogies, and Assessment and Curriculum. Melissa's current projects examine the voices of students with vision impairment at mainstream schools, and why teachers choose to stay in the classroom. She has managed four large-scale national Learning and Teaching projects and has produced an international MOOC - 'Deep Learning for Transformative Pedagogies' through EdX and Microsoft. Melissa has received several higher education teaching awards and is the recipient of the Callaway Doctoral Award.

    Phone : +61736237221 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Dr Karen Joy McLean

    Dr Karen McLean (PhD; MEd, BEd; DipTeach) is a Lecturer in Education at Australian Catholic University. Karen's research interests are focused on literacy and technology in the early years of education, including pedagogical approaches, play based learning and digital technologies. Her PhD research explored the symbiotic relationship between literacy and technology in the early years of education. Karen's current research involves examining the role of supported playgroups in schools. Her work in this area explores how school-based playgroups can support the development of community connections for children and families and provide increased opportunities for relevant play-based learning experiences. Other research includes the investigation of stakeholder perspectives on belonging,home learning and children's play through participation in supported playgroups and the exploration of pedagogical approaches to science and literacy in kindergarten.

    Phone : 5420 (Ballarat) Email :

  • Vice President

  • La Salle Academy for Faith Formation & Religious Education

  • Professor Chris Branson

    Phone : (07) 3623 7301 (Brisbane) Email :

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