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Supervisors with this research method

  • ACU Engagement

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Engagement

  • Professor Sandra Jones

    Professor Sandra Jones (BA, MBA, MPH, MAssessEval, PhD) is Pro Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and provides leadership, advice and support for ACU's community engagement strategy. Sandra was previously Director of ACU's Centre for Health and Social Research (CHaSR) and an ARC Future Fellow. She is an internationally recognised expert in the area of social marketing, particularly in relation to capacity building and community development. Sandra and her team have conducted numerous community-based interventions, often in partnership with health services and NGOs, to improve the uptake of health promoting and risk-reducing behaviours. Sandra's career research funding exceeds $8 million; and she has published more than 180 referred papers, 11 book chapters, and numerous policy-related monographs and reports. She is also a member of numerous policy and advisory committees, including those focused on cancer prevention, health communication, disability and community support services in Australia and overseas.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3709 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Faculty of Education and Arts

  • Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Dr Mary Tomsic

    I am a cultural historian and a Research Fellow in the Centre for Refugees, Migration, and Humanitarian Studies. I have supervised postgraduate students researching the areas of Australian history focusing on refugee children; masculinity and war; inner-urban counter culture; and the gendered nature of political power and leadership. My honours supervisions have covered areas including women's history, gender and war, nursing and war, Australian cinema, gay and lesbian histories and migration history.

    Phone : 03 9230 8754 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

  • Dr Lenore Adie

    Lenore Adie is Associate Professor in Teacher Education and Assessment and a Senior Research Fellow based in Brisbane in the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education. Lenore has previously worked in the primary school sector in teaching and administrative positions. Her research focuses on assessment practices, across primary, secondary and tertiary education, including in teacher education. Specific focus areas include standards, judgement-making, and moderation.

    Phone : 7333 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Dr Jill Fielding-Wells

    I am currently a Senior Research Fellow in Mathematics Education in the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education at the Australian Catholic University. Formerly a classroom teacher, I worked as a Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of Tasmania, prior to taking up a research-focussed position at the University of Queensland in 2017 and then moving to ACU in 2018. I have a keen interest in pedagogies that enhance student motivation and cognitive engagement in mathematics. As such, my research interests include students' use of evidence and reasoning through argumentation and inquiry based learning, design of inquiry and complex tasks, and motivation and engagement in mathematics learning.

    Phone : +61738616201 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Nat Sch of Arts

  • Associate Professor Theda Thomas

    Theda Thomas is the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) in the Faculty of Education and Arts. Her research interests lie in higher education, looking in particular at the development of graduate attributes and skills across the curriculum. She has a specific interest in first year pedagogy and how different discipline areas help students come to grips with the requirements of their discipline.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3867 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Nell Musgrove

    Dr Nell Musgrove is an Australian historian with a particular interest in the field of child welfare history. Her research is particularly concerned with the human experiences of people whose lives have been shaped by their interactions with welfare systems, and with methodological questions about how historians can hear voices from the past, especially those whose perspectives are often obscured in the historical record. Her two major monographs - The Slow Evolution of Foster Care in Australia (2018) and The Scars Remain (2013) - examine child welfare policy and practice over the course of more than a century to highlight the ways in which successive generations have been harmed by systems which claimed to protect them, and the extent to which historical failures have been recognised and addressed.

    Dr Musgrove is a distinguished archival historian who has worked extensively with Australian colonial records. Her work is also characterised by collaborative research including the collection of oral histories, co-research with care-leavers and others directly impacted by the history under examination, and interdisciplinary work.

    Dr Musgrove has experience supervising research students across a range of topics related to Australian history, child welfare history, gender history and Indigenous methodologies at Honours and postgraduate levels, and is an ACU accredited Higher Degree Research Supervisor.

    Phone : 03 9953 3208 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Xiaoying Qi

    Dr Xiaoying Qi (Email: completed a PhD in 2011 at the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney (Now Western Sydney University). Her thesis won the 2013 Jean Martin Award of The Australian Sociological Association, given biennially to 'the best PhD thesis in social science disciplines from an Australian tertiary institution'. Her book Globalized Knowledge Flows and Chinese Social Theory (London & New York: Routledge, 2014) was awarded The Raewyn Connell Prize Special Commendation of The Australian Sociological Association ['in recognition of excellence of a first book by an author in Australian Sociology 2014-2015']. Dr Qi has published articles in leading internationally refereed journals including American Journal of Cultural Sociology, British Journal of Sociology, International Sociology, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, Journal of Sociology, and Sociology. Innovation in research is evidenced by Dr Qi's development of analytical concepts, including 'intellectual entrepreneurs' and 'veiled patriarchy'. Professor Gurminder Bhambra interviewed Dr Qi, in recognition of her scholarly innovation regarding a publication ('Social Movements in China', Sociology [2017] 51(1), at Dr Qi has extensive teaching experience and was a recipient of The National Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2012. Dr Qi is an experienced supervisor, having supported to completion numerous Honours, Masters and PhD theses.

    Phone : +61392308595 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Nat Sch of Education

  • Professor Jim Bright

    Career Development and Leadership. Chaos Theory of Careers. Change, chance, complexity and uncertainty in careers and organisations. Leading in and with complexity.

    Phone : (02) 9701 4257 (Strathfield) Email :

  • Associate Professor Joseph Zajda

    Associate Professor Joseph Zajda is a world-renowned scholar in the area of globalisation and education policy reforms. He has published over 45 books (monographs and edited books) and hundreds of book chapters and articles in refereed journals internationally. He has made an outstanding contribution to research in education globally, with emphasis on globalisation, education reforms, human rights, social justice, gender and equity and the enhancement of quality in teacher education.

    His published research includes works in 498 publications in 4 languages and 10,524 library holdings, adding immense research expertise to his work globally in teacher education and pedagogy. He has provided outstanding service to teacher education through his research globally, graduate teaching, doctoral supervision, and his editorial work.

    His Second International Handbook of Globalisation, Education and Policy Research (Dordrecht: Springer. has 135,986-chapter downloads so far.
    As a result, he has received a new book contract from Springer to edit International Handbook of Globalisation, Education and Policy Research (2020).
    He has established a series of leading academic journals. These included Educational Practice & Theory, Education & Society, Curriculum & Teaching, World Studies in Education, and Learning & Teaching, an international journal in classroom pedagogy. It enabled scholars in the field of education, curriculum and policy reforms to share their research with an international audience. A hallmark of his contribution to teacher education and research is his ongoing support to young researchers.
    He was the chair of the Publication Committee of the World Council of Comparative and Education Societies, and chaired numerous panels and presented papers at the Comparative and International Education Society. He is consulting editor of the UNESCO's 'International Review of Education Journal'.

    He received the 2012 Peter Sheehan Excellence in Research Award. The award recognises the high quality of research activities, and particularly celebrates sustained research that has had a substantive impact nationally and internationally (Faculty of Education, Australian Catholic University).

    He received Australian Awards for University Teaching in July 2011 Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, for an innovative, influential and sustained contribution to teacher education through scholarship and publication and for an innovative approach in teacher education, where he uses global pedagogy and teacher as a researcher model.

    He is Secretary of the Australian Council on Human Rights Education (elected in November 2019).
    Elected as Fellow of the Australian College of Educators (June 2013). FACE
    He is currently working on the 24-volume Globalisation, Comparative Education and Policy Research series (Springer, 2015-2020). He has completed editing volumes 14-22 in the Globalisation series.
    Areas of research
    Globalisation and comparative education research, globalisation and education policy, decentralisation and privatisation in education, education reforms in the Russian Federation, lifelong learning, active citizenship education, curriculum reforms, values education, constructivist pedagogy, and school history textbooks.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3268 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Tonya Rooney

    My research focuses on young children's experience in contemporary society, with a particular emphasis on re-conceptualising children's relations in and with space, time and more-than-human worlds. My work is cross-disciplinary and situated at the intersection of early years education, philosophy, critical geographies and childhood studies.

    Specific research expertise includes: environmental education; children and new digital technologies; conceptualising childhood space/times; and policy, regulation and risk in education settings.

    I am a member of the Common Worlds Research Collective - - an interdisciplinary network of researchers concerned with children's relations with the more-than-human world.

    Phone : 1334 (Canberra) Email :

  • Dr Jonathon Sargeant

    Dr Jonathon Sargeant is Senior Lecturer and researcher in Children's Rights Education, Inclusive Education and Classroom Management at the Australian Catholic University. Dr Sargeant's current research focuses on the child's perspective on their lives, educational experience, and future. He is particularly interested in supporting educational provision that incorporates young people's perspectives through ethical practices informed by the UNCRC. Other research interests include school-age children's wellbeing & safeguarding, behavioural enhancement, and social skills development.

    Phone : (03) 9953 3291 (St Patrick's Campus Melbourne) Email :

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Associate Professor Stephen Guinea

    Faculty Coordinator of Health Simulation, Faculty of Health Sciences.

    Phone : 3857 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Annie Venville

    Dr Annie Venville is the Academic Coordinator for Professional Practice and Community Engagement at Australian Catholic University. Annie has over twenty five years of professional practice in mental health, education and disability in government and non-government sectors. Her research centres on issues related to work integrated learning, student wellbeing, educational participation and service access for marginalised and vulnerable groups.

    Phone : 8191 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Nat Sch of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

  • Professor Paul Fulbrook

    Paul Fulbrook is Professor of Nursing in the School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Paramedicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Australian Catholic University. Based at the Brisbane Campus, he was appointed in 2004. He also holds the post of Deputy Director of the Faculty's National Centre for Clinical Outcomes Research. He is based full time at The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane within the Nursing Research and Practice Development Centre, where he holds the post of Nursing Director Research and Practice Development.

    Phone : 0447 053814 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Dr Trentham Furness

    Jointly appointed with NorthWestern Mental Health. Located at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. NWMH is the largest public mental health service provider in Australia. We have created an active and engaging research culture among the clinical staff at many of NWMH AMHS. Supervised by Professor Kim Foster, our research is strengthened by access to services, clinicians, consumers, and carers. We welcome honours and post graduate students to contact us to pursue research projects.

    Phone : +61 03 93428255 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Zoe Wang

    aged care, aged-care chronic illness, multi-culture, health informatics, aged-care, pressure area injury, falls prevention

    Phone : (07) 3623 7556 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Nat School of Allied Health

  • Associate Professor Laura Miller

    Laura Miller is an Associate Professor in Occupational Therapy. Laura completed her PhD in 2014 with The University of Queensland School of Medicine. She was awarded a Masters of Health Services Management with Distinction in 2010 and a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honours in 1997. Laura is an active researcher within ACU's Centre for Disability and Development Research. Laura has international research collaborations with McMaster University's CanChild and holds a number of competitive international grants. Laura has research interests in childhood disability and development, participation, motivation and engagement, family empowerment and health services research. Laura also teaches into the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Pass and Honours program at ACU on the Brisbane campus. She was Course Coordinator from 2013-2018 and is currently Chair of the School of Allied Health International Committee and a Member of the ACU Human Research Ethics Committee.

    Phone : 7843 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Faculty of Law and Business

  • Nat Peter Faber Business School

  • Professor Michael Fischer

    Michael D Fischer is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Leadership, Visiting Scholar at University of Oxford where he was previously a senior research fellow, and a Program Director at Melbourne Business School. He holds a PhD in organisational behaviour from Imperial College London, University of London.

    Trained as a business school social scientist and clinical group analyst, his research has a strong empirical focus on the practice-level microsociology of organisational change in research-intensive settings, especially in healthcare.A He specialises in ethnographic and comparative case studies, analysing intersubjective relations, emotions and power, and their potential to mobilise organisational change.A He has a particular interest in executive education and the role of business schools in a rapidly developing knowledge economy.

    His research is published in leading international journals in the Financial Times 'top 50', ABDC A* and CABS 4* lists, including Accounting Organizations and Society, Human Relations, Organization Studies, Public Administration, and Social Science and Medicine.A He has led major competitive research grants as principal and co-investigator, including funding by the National Institute of Health Research, the University of Oxford and Kings College London.A

    He is a highly active researcher with a strong focus on practice-level processes of organisational change, especially in research-intensive settings. His research draws on sociomaterial perspectives to analyse dynamics of influence and change in complex organisations. By focusing on the 'backstage' work of everyday emotions, affect and politics, he analyses their effects in mobilising ideas, material practices and technologies that can dynamically stimulate major organisational change.

    In his original ethnographic research at Imperial College London, he examined a UK healthcare policy from inception to implementation and subsequent collapse. Its formal risk management systems had unintended consequences on organisational life, undermining organisational functioning and leading to policy collapse. He later investigated the impact of professional regulation on healthcare professionals, analysing how embedded practices of self-regulation may be undermined by regulatory transparency, performance metrics and sanctions. His research highlights the role of supportive 'formative spaces' and forms of self-regulation which can be more effective in supporting good practice.

    In a related second research theme, he examines how micro-sociological dynamics operate in knowledge leadership. His leadership research provides an in-depth analysis of how leaders interpret and 're-assemble' ideas, techniques and materials, and utilise these in their leadership practices.A Through a series of longitudinal case studies focused on research-intensive settings,A he has analysed how the most effective leadership practices assemble and mobilise organisational change.A In his research at the University of Oxford, he analysed at first hand flagship leadership programmes at Sa??d Business School - its High Performance Leadership and Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme.

    His international career in public services focuses mainly in the healthcare sector where he has held senior clinical, managerial and policy adviser roles. Before joining academia, Michael had an accomplished career as a Lead Consultant Psychotherapist in leading teaching hospitals in Manchester, Liverpool and London, most recently at St Thomas' Hospital, London. He is a noted expert in the group and intersubjective relations that influence contemporary organisations and can powerfully mobilise organisational change.

    For further details of his work, please see:

    Phone : 8314 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Nat Thomas More Law School

  • Professor Spencer Zifcak

    Spencer Zifcak is Allan Myers Professor of Law and Research Co-ordinator in the Thomas More Academy of Law. Professor Zifcak obtained his Ph.D in politics and government at the London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London). He has held several senior positions at international universities including as Visiting Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, Visiting Professor at the Austrlan Academy of Public Administration, University of Vienna, and Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Law at Trinity College, Dublin. In 2010, Professor Zifcak was awarded the prestigious and internationally competitive Bemjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Bristol (UK).

    Phone : 3924 (Melbourne) Email :

  • Dr Amanda Alexander

    Amanda Alexander is a lecturer in the Thomas More Law School. She studied law and history at the University of New South Wales and was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to take a Masters in Legal Theory and History at University College London. She completed her PhD at the Australian National University.

    Amanda's research concerns the history of international humanitarian law.

    Phone : 2719 (North Sydney) Email :

  • Non-Faculty Areas

  • Learning and Teaching Centre

  • Dr Duncan Nulty

    Dr Duncan D Nulty is nationally and internationally recognised for his expertise on: curriculum and assessment design; evaluation of teaching, courses and other educational programs; institutional policy and practice in these areas; and, academic standards including consensus moderation.

    He has a significant and sustained record of academic leadership, research, and community service with a particular emphasis on institutional change in relation to strategic issues of institution-wide impact and significance.

    Dr Nulty has authored and co-authored many high quality refereed publications in highly ranked journals, and book chapters with reputable international publishers.

    He has led, co-lead, been a team member, or active contributor in 10 teaching and learning development grants including two nationally funded projects in Australia, and one international project funded in the UK. These focus on assessment practice and policy, and the development of consensus moderation practices which support comprehensive quality assurance of assessment standards.

    Duncan has a demonstrable and sustained record of high standards and innovation in teaching and course development, including entirely online courses.

    Duncan has supervised or co-supervised to completion six students of Research Higher Degrees.

    Phone : 9079 (North Sydney) Email :


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