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  • Faculty of Education and Arts

  • Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

  • Prof Michele Haynes

    Michele Haynes is professor of data analytics for education and social research in the Learning Sciences Institute Australia. She is an experienced statistician with expertise in estimation of complex models for social applications using longitudinal data from multiple sources including national panel surveys and government administrative data. Michele's research interests include improvement of statistical techniques for investigating trajectories in education and social outcomes for young individuals, identifying the drivers of change and how these vary for disadvantaged groups. Michele has influenced methodological development through various roles including Chair of the Social Statistics Section of the Statistical Society of Australia, Associate Editor for the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A (Statistics in Society), Statistical Advisor for the International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, and through the delivery of professional training in longitudinal data analysis to government personnel. Michele has attracted considerable research funding through grants including an ARC Discovery project that has developed an online survey tool for gathering data from Indigenous people to better understand their experiences and perceptions of architectural health settings, and a recently awarded ARC Linkage grant for a project to study community-based STEM professional learning for teachers of middle years. She has also led numerous projects in partnership with government agencies. Most recently, Michele has been successful with an Education Horizon grant in 2019-2020 with colleagues Joy Cumming, Melanie Spallek and Yoon-Suk Hwang, for a project on "Factors that impact on long-term achievement and retention for students with ASD in Queensland government schools: Evidence from administrative data."

    Phone : 0738616168 (Brisbane) Email :

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nat Sch Psychology

  • Dr Valentina Lorenzetti

    Dr Lorenzetti's research focuses on investigating the neurocognitive mechanisms of addiction and mental health using advanced neuroimaging techniques, multi-site international neuroimaging consortia, RCTs and longitudinal study designs.

    Dr Lorenzetti welcomes any new national and international exchange/visiting students, and prospective PhD students interested in getting experience / driving research projects in the areas of neuroimaging, addiction and mental health.

    Her research focuses on distinct streams including unpacking
    (i) whether recreational use vs dependence on substances have a distinct neural signature,
    (ii) the role of gender differences in substance use neurobiology,
    (iii) the role of distinct neuroprotective and neurotoxic cannabinoids on the brain and mental health,
    (iv) the effect of mindfulness-based interventions in recovering aberrant neurobiology in addiction and in alleviating dependence symptoms.

    She is also interested in using neurofeedback and VR techniques as engaging evidence-based interventions in addiction.


    Phone : +61392308088 (Melbourne) Email :


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