Muslim Migrants in Germany: Integration, Citizenship and National Identity

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One of the greatest challenges Western societies such as Germany currently face is the question of how to integrate immigrants, particularly in terms of religious minorities, into their communities. Many Western Europeans nations face increasing numbers of Muslim migrants, and the reconciliation of Islamic beliefs and practices with the norms, principles and values of liberal democracies. Thus, a discussion of how a pluralist society can exist harmoniously is ever timelier.

It is also clear, that this issue has become more and more urgent in the light of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the twin towers in New York, which has solidified pre-existing resentments and fears of Islam as a faith and Muslims as a category of persons in many Western nations. The wearing of the Islamic headscarf, sharia law, halal meat, mosques and terrorism now seem to be muddled together into one emotionally laden, heated debate about immigration. Terms such as honour killings, parallel society, and female circumcision are popular in the mainstream media, creating an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. Muslims are seen as the representative of everything alien, threatening the Western worlds a??way of life'. Discussions about the integration of Muslim migrants are commonly associated with the idea Islamic beliefs are backwards and antiquated and the overall focus of the debate on immigration and multiculturalism has shifted to the compatibility of Islam and liberalism. Therefore, the subject matter of migration, and the issue of peaceful coexistence amongst several cultures and nationalities, is one of the most current contemporary issues facing the international community.

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Dr Naser Ghobadzadeh Co-Supervisor

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