Building an evidence base of teacher quality and classroom readiness: A focus on teaching performance assessments. (The Standards Project: Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) Trial).

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The Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) is a culminating, summative assessment designed to provide evidence that preservice teachers (PSTs) have attained the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) (AITSL, 2011) at the Graduate Level, understand and apply teaching practices that positively impact on student learning, and are prepared for entry to the profession. The Trial of the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) was undertaken in 2017 through a consortium of 13 higher education institutions in six Australian states and territories. Phase 1 of The Standards Project, the GTPA Trial investigates the potential of the instrument to fill the gap of a nationally comparable graduate teacher performance assessment that is flexible and applicable to various school and early learning sites.

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Dr Lenore Adie Chief Investigator

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