Research Partnerships and Improvement Science: Using data to inform the teaching of writing and assessment.

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The project took a systematic approach to building teacher knowledge of the distinguishing features of quality writing along with knowledge building about the Australian Curriculum and Achievement Standards, DET resources including C2C and the P-10 Literacy Continuum, and how these can be aligned and used in classroom practice. The project has salience in the context of continuing concern about the teaching of writing nationally, and specifically declining writing results in NAPLAN. The project was designed to connect with the research priorities of the Department of Education and Training (DET) in Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment, the P???10 Literacy Continuum and the Australian Curriculum and Achievement Standards. It generated data from the Australian Writing Survey (AWS), a purpose-designed intervention in two parts, and teachers??? work in producing Teacher Inquiry Reports (see Diagram 1). Six hundred teachers from 55 schools across 7 regions responded to the survey. Thirty-eight schools participated in the intervention.

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Dr Lenore Adie Chief Investigator

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