Reframing interprofessional community of practice among clinical educators: A map of the key concepts underpinning post graduate programs

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Interprofessional education occurs when students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes (World Health Organisation, 2010, 10). At an undergraduate health professional curriculum development and implementation level, there is strong support for providing opportunities for students to collaborate in academic studies and skill acquisition with students from disciplines other than their own. However, once the graduate is immersed in their practice discipline, the ability to continue to engage in interprofessional learning at the post graduate level within the clinical context is not as readily available. In addition, clinical educators in tertiary health care centres may have post graduate qualifications in their practice discipline, yet experience limited exposure to facilitating learning at a post graduate level for interprofessional cohorts in their workplace. In review of national and international centres of higher education, there are no identifiable opportunities for a health professional to obtain post graduate Masters level qualifications in interprofessional education. Therefore the need to reframe what is an interprofessional community of practice among clinical educators is required in order to further support the WHO goals of establishing a collaborative practice ready post graduate health care workforce for 21st century. In this post graduate health professional context, this proposed research focus is unique at a national and international level and may provide new approaches for curriculum development and practice experience for interprofessional education.
The theoretical framework for this research proposal will be discussed in this confirmation of candidature session. Rationale for participant sampling will be highlighted and data collection and analysis stages will be outlined. Finally some limitations of the selected methodology and methods for data collection will be presented.

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