Teacher Perspectives on Self-Regulated Learning and Reading Comprehension

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In classrooms across Australia, schools are tackling challenges with student reading comprehension abilities (Thomson, Hillman, Schmid, Rodrigues & Fullarton, 2017). Reading is a complex process, reliant on mastering a variety of skills. Enhancing self-regulated learning (SRL) skills in students enables the development of higher order thinking abilties required for reading tasks. Little is known about the current practices pertaining to how teachers in Victoria, Australia foster the development of SRL. The purpose of this study is to explore upper primary school teacher???s perceptions of how they implement SRL strategies to promote competence in reading comprehension. Given the absence of theory in an Australian context to adequately explain this phenomenon, the methodology of Classic Grounded Theory (Glaser &Strauss, 1967) will underpin the proposed study. In-depth unstructured interviews will be used as the method of data collection. The aim of the interview is to understand from the teacher???s perspectives the factors that impede and enhance the teaching of SRL that contribute to upper primary student???s reading comprehension. The participants will be registered teachers currently working in a Victorian Catholic school with an integrated SRL approach to teaching and learning. The results from this study will reduce an existing gap in the literature by studying current teachers??? practices of SRL and identifying the challenges they face in implementing SRL. Policy makers, school leaders, teachers, and future researchers can deepen their understanding of self-regulated learning development in reading comprehension.

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