Explicit vocabulary instruction practices of upper primary teachers

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This qualitative study explores the perspectives and practices of upper primary teachers regarding vocabulary instruction during English lessons.
A comprehensive and multifaceted approach to vocabulary instruction is vital for students' learning, yet further research is needed to explore if and how teachers are implementing such rich and robust practice in their classrooms. Teachers play a pivotal role in supporting vocabulary knowledge for their students and there is a clear place for evidence-based vocabulary instruction in their practice. The purpose of this study is to explore, through classroom observations, what intentional practices upper primary teachers implement to enhance vocabulary instruction in their classrooms. Through interviews with participant teachers, the study also aims to investigate the knowledge, conceptual understanding and perspectives that teachers hold within the specific domain of vocabulary instruction. With literacy at the forefront of 21st century learning and academic success, and an increasingly complex vocabulary that is required to be literate in classrooms today, the study aims to highlight potential gaps between effective vocabulary instruction and the current practice of teachers.

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Dr Ingrid Willenberg Co-Supervisor

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