Effectiveness of an Eating Disorder Day Patient Program

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This study aims to investigate the long-term effectiveness of a day patient eating disorder program. Limited available research indicates that eating disorder day patient programs can be effective in the treatment of low body weight and binge/purge behaviours as well as reducing the prevalence of associated comorbidities such as depression in the short-term. There is little research examining their long-term effectiveness. This study will examine whether treatment is effective in reducing eating disorder related behaviours (e.g. binging and purging), cognitions (e.g. body image perception) and comorbidities (e.g. anxiety). The study will involve analysis of retrospective clinical and questionnaire data collected pre, during and post treatment at a Melbourne eating disorder day patient program. It will also examine questionnaire follow-up data completed sometime after treatment discharge. Results of this study will provide much needed information about the effectiveness of eating disorder day patient programs.

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