Behavioural Intervention for Parents of Problem Eaters

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Anna Benincasa
Children learn patterns of eating based on the environmental antecedents and consequences of behaviour, usually administered by parents. Parents of problem eaters may adopt unhelpful strategies to influence their child's eating and this can create behavioural difficulties at mealtimes. This projects aims to examine the efficacy of Satter's Feeding Dynamics Model in reducing problematic mealtime behaviours in children (e.g., fussy eating, eating a limited variety of food, food refusal, slow eating, disruptive behaviour, etc.). Secondary aims seek to examine the effects of the model in improving parental efficacy and parental psychological well-being. It will also compare clinician-led intervention and self-guided versions of intervention program. Research outcomes will help guide future treatment programs for parents of problem eaters, including the development of programs to manage childhood overweight and obesity.

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Associate Professor Leah Brennan Principal Supervisor

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