Quality of life in obese adults following bariatric surgery

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Aleeya Hachem
This study aims to examine the improvement of quality of life in obese adults following bariatric surgery. Previous research has demonstrated that obese individuals experience poorer quality of life than the non-obese individuals. This may be due to biological (e.g. pain), psychological (e.g. low self-esteem), and social (e.g. lack of social support) factors. Bariatric surgery demonstrates greater sustained weight loss in comparison to other treatments for obesity. Although studies show that quality of life does improve following bariatric surgery, no systematic review has focused on quality of life as an outcome of bariatric surgery and there is little research that examines predictors of improvement in quality of life. This research includes two projects addressing these gaps in the literature: a systematic review of quality of life outcomes of bariatric surgery in obese adults, and a longitudinal study examining quality of life pre- surgery and 24 months post- surgery. Results of this systematic review and research study will assist in formulating treatments and intervention targets for patients to maximise improvements in quality of life following surgery, as well as improving the cost effectiveness of surgery.

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