Liquefaction of solid tumour structure followed by an immune targeted therapy for a sequential treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

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1) Establish spore-mediated tumour liquefaction in primary and metastatic NSCLC. Subcutaneous nodules from both human xenograft and murine metastatic, syngeneic Lewis lung cancer will be used and single and/or repeated intravenous delivery of DCGv7 spores will be carried out. None injection and sham saline injection will be used as controls.

2) Assess the therapeutic effects on mice with remaining tumour after administration of a newly devised immune agent in the subcutaneous nodules as well as the orthotopic, metastatic lung lesions. A commercially available molecular targeted drug, Cetuximab (that acts by inhibiting EGFR activation) will be used as a positive control.

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Dr David Andrew Good Co-Supervisor

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