Dr Lisl Fenwick - Nat Sch of Education (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

Lisl's research focuses on equity in education. She is interested in how curriculum design, methods of assessment, differentiation practices can either support or limit opportunities to learn and achieve for students from low-SES and Indigenous backgrounds. Lisl's reasearch also investigates how teachers' knowledge about genre and language can support teaching and learning practices that result in greater equity in education. Lisl uses a range of theoretical approaches in her research to help explain how curriculum, assessment and literacy practices can limit or extend opportunities to learn. She particularly draws on the theoretical work of Pierre Bourdieu and Basil Bernstein.


Phone :(03) 5336 5421 (Ballarat)
Email :Lisl.Fenwick@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Equity and Schooling ; Language and Literacy Learning ; Curriculum design ; Assessment ; Differentiation practices ;

Methods Expertise

Qualitative Research ; Case Study Methodology ; Textual analysis ; Systemic Functional Linguistics ; Interviewing ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


Standards-based reform to senior-secondary curriculum and metacognition in the literacy domain, in Curriculum Journal


Promoting assessment for learning through curriculum-based performance standards: teacher resopnses in teh Northern Territory of Australia, in Curriculum Journal


Supporting the transference of knowledge about language within teacher education programs, in Australian Journal of Teacher Education (online version)

Developing deep understanding about language in undergraduate pre-service teacher programs through the application of knowledge, in Australian Journal of Teacher Education (online version)

The effects of standards-based reforms on Indigenous students' access to English as a second language curriculum and opportunities to learn, in Curriculum Perspectives (Journal Edition)


Learning about the effects of context on teaching and learning in pre-service teacher education, in Australian Journal of Teacher Education (print version)


Prevailing pedagogies for classes in low SES contexts and the implications for standards-based reform in Australia, in Australian Educational Researcher

Limiting opportunities to learn in upper-secondary schooling: Differentiation and performance assessment in the context of standards-based curriculum reform, in Curriculum Inquiry (print version)


Curriculum reform and reproducing inequality in upper-secondary education. , in Journal of Curriculum Studies


Initiating and sustaining learning about literacy and language across the curriculum within secondary schools, in Australian Journal of Language and Literacy (print version)