Dr Jennifer Martin - Nat Sch of Education (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Dr Jenny Martin is an experienced teacher, teacher educator and education researcher. She was awarded the Australian Association for Research in Education Early Career Researcher Award in 2017. Her research program is concerned with promoting student and teacher agency for the wellbeing of individuals and the planet and extends to science education, education for sustainability, initial teacher education, teacher professional learning and pedagogical leadership. She is currently full-time Research Fellow on the Australian Research Council Discovery Project, Learning-rich Leadership for Quality Improvement in Early Education, concerned with transformative practice and pedagogical leadership in early childhood contexts. Her expertise includes applications of positioning theory and cultural historical activity theory to education research, developmental work research, action research, participatory ethnography, discourse analysis, cultural/discursive psychology and includes video-based research design.

Jenny is also a Victorian Institute of Teaching registered teacher. Early in her career, Jenny taught in secondary schools and later worked as Scientist in Residence at primary schools as well as a Professional Development Leader for the Victorian Department of Education. Her work as a teacher educator began in 2002 at The University of Melbourne and at ACU. Jenny began full time work at ACU in 2012 and now has a continuing position as Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Arts.



Phone :3286 (Melbourne)
Email :jenny.martin@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment ; Science Education ; Education for Sustainability ; Agency and Identity ; Classroom Interaction ;

Methods Expertise

Discursive Psychology ; Participatory Action Research ; Ethnography ; Critical discourse analysis ; Collaborative Action Research ; Cultural-historical activity theory ;

Research Projects

No research project is currently recorded.

Selected Publications


Identity projects: A model for effective teacher professional learning from cultural historical psychology, in In C. van der Veen, W. Wardekker, & B. van Oers, (Eds.) Supporting the good teacher. The role of agency in teacher education.


Rethinking equity: standpoints emerging from a community project with victims of violence and abuse in Argentina, in Cultural Studies of Science Education

Researching teacher agency in elementary school science using positioning theory and grammar of agency, in Journal of Science Teacher Education

Researching primary teachers' professional agency: Employing interactive ethnography to overcome reluctance to teach science, in Research in Science Education.


Ontology matters: a commentary on contribution to cultural historical activity, in Cultural Studies of Science Education

Finding ways to fill the void: Preservice teachers struggling with their own consumption, in Sociocultural Perspectives on Youth Ethical Consumerism


Becoming professionally agentic: Researching pedagogical reasoning in initial teacher education, in In J. Nuttall, A. Kostogriz, M. Jones, & J. Martin (Eds.) Teacher Education Policy and Practice. Evidence of Impact, Impact of Evidence.

I had to take action straight away. Pre-service teachers accounts of pro environmental engagement, in Science & technology education promoting wellbeing for individuals, societies & environments


The grammar of agency: Studying possibilities for student agency in science classroom discourse, in Learning Culture and Social Interaction


Preservice teacher agency concerning education for sustainability (EfS): A discursive psychological approach, in Journal of Research in Science Teaching


What is agency? Perspectives in science education research, in International Journal of Science Education


Science students' classroom discourse: Tasha's umwelt, in Research in Science Education

Other information

2017 AARE (Australian Association for Research in Education) Early Career Researcher Award.