Dr Michaela Pascoe - Centre for the Heart & Mind (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Assistant Supervisor – Only eligible to supervise with a fully accredited Principal or Co-supervisor


Dr Pascoe undertook her PhD (supported by an Australian Post-Graduate Scholarship) at the Florey Institute (through Swinburne University). Upon submission, Dr Pascoe received a Postdoctoral Fellowship from Gothenburg University and undertook an international Post-Doctorate at Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden, before returning to Australia to undertake a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with the Center for Heart and Mind, Mary MacKillop Institute


Phone :8266 (Melbourne)
Email :Michaela.Pascoe@acu.edu.au
URIs : Personal Website

Research Interests

mood disorders - depression, anxiety ; Health Behaviours, social support, stress ; brain injury ; Meditation-based interventions ; Yoga and mental health ;

Methods Expertise

Meta-Analysis ; systematic review ; Protein Assays, Tissue culture, Animal Models, ; Experimental research ;

Research Projects

Completed Projects

Selected Publications


A Systematic Review of Randomised Control Trials on the Effects of Mindfulness on Stress Measures and Anxiety, in Anxiety disorders


A Systematic Review of Randomised Control Trails on the Effects of Yoga on Biological Measures, Brain Function and Mood. , in Journal of Psychiatric Research (online version)

Fish Oil Supplementation Associated with Decreased Cellular Degeneration and Increased Cellular Proliferation Six Weeks after Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion in the Rat, in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment

Albumin and Depression in Elderly Stroke Survivors: An observational Cohort Study, in Psychiatry Research


Fish Oil Diet Associated with Acute Reperfusion Related Hemorrhage, and with Reduced Stroke-Related Sickness Behaviors and Motor Impairment, in Frontiers in Neurology

Inflammatory Mediators of Cognitive Impairment in Bipolar Disorder, in Journal of Psychiatric Research (online version)


Sustained Inflammation 1.5 years Post-stroke is not Associated with Depression in Elderly Stroke Survivors, in Clinical Interventions in Aging


Homocysteine as a Potential Biochemical Marker for Depression in Elderly Stroke Survivors, in Food and Nutrition Research


What You Eat is What You Are a?? A Role for Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Neuroinflammation Induced Depression? , in Clinical Nutrition

Inflammation and Depression: Why Post Stroke Depression May be the Norm and Not the Exception, in International Journal of Stroke