Professor Chris Branson - La Salle Academy for Faith Formation & Religious Education (Vice President)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Phone :(07) 3623 7301 (Brisbane)
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Research Interests

Educational Leadership ; Organisational Change ; Values and Leadership ; Ethics and Leadership ; Wisdom ; Human Resource Management ; HRM ; Self-Reflection ; Curriculum Leadership ; Social Justice ;

Methods Expertise

Constructivism ; Narrative Inquiry ; Phenomenology ; Symbolic Interactionism ; Case Study ;

Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Exploring the influence of a collaborative school cluster on student learning (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)
  • Middle leadership in higher education (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)
  • School leadership for social justice (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)

Selected Publications


Middle leadership in higher education: A relational analysis, in Educational Management Administration & Leadership

Middle leadersa?? learning in a university context, in Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management


Handbook of Ethical Educational Leadership, in Co-Editor of the Handbook of Ethical Educational Leadership

Personal values of principals and their manifestation in student behaviour: A district-level study in Pakistan, in Educational Management Administration & Leadershi

Introduction: Why ethical educational leadership?, in Handbook of Ethical Educational Leadership

Conclusion: If it isna??t ethical, it isna??t leadership, in Handbook of Ethical Educational Leadership

Maintaining moral integrity, in Handbook of Ethical Educational Leadership

Deconstructing ethical motivation, in Handbook of Ethical Educational Leadership

The power of personal values., in Handbook of Ethical Educational Leadership

Making a difference: leadership for the future: Has leadership theory lost its way?, in Monograph published by Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, Hamilton, NZ


Professional learning in the lives of teachers: Towards a new framework for conceptualising teacher learning, in Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education


Free to become: The essence of learning and leading, in Global perspectives on educational leadership reform: The development and preparation of leaders of learning and learnings of leadership

Ethical decision making: Is personal moral integrity the missing link?, in Journal of Authentic Leadership in Education

Leading educational change wisely


Finding a philosophical framework in support of 'Presence', in Leadership and Organisational Development

Leadership for an Age of Wisdom


Achieving organisational change through values alignment, in Journal of Educational Administration


Effects of structured self-reflection on the development of authentic leadership practices among Queensland Primary School Principals, in Educational Management, Administration & Leadership (print version)

Improving leadership by nurturing moral consciousness through structured self-reflection, in Journal of Educational Administration (print version)


Beyond authenticity: contemporary leadership from a worldview perspective, in Values and Ethics in Educational Administration


Values led principalship: Myths and realities, in Australian Association for Research in Education 2004 Conference Papers

Exploring the concept of values-led principalship, in Leading and Managing (print version)

Focusing on Literacy: A Whole School Approach Preschool to Year 12, in Pleasure; Passion; Provocation: Proceedings of the AATE/ALEA National Conference

Other information

Research Supervision Completions:
Jayne-Louise Collins : Co-Supervisor

Sandra Cameron : Co-Supervisor

Gayleen Tarosa : Chief Supervisor
Omar Almajed : Chief Supervisor
Julia Bruce : Chief Supervisor
Nautalus Langi : Co-Supervisor