Dr Xochitl de la Piedad Garcia - Nat Sch Psychology (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


My experience and fundamental interests are in the area of decision making and choice, with particular interest in the area of self-control and pro-social behaviour.
Over the past few years, I have started a collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Leah Brennan. Together, we are working on research investigating mechanisms and correlates of disordered eating and obesity.


Phone :(03) 9953 3116 (Melbourne)
Email :Xochitl.delaPiedadGarcia@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Cognitive Psychology ; Decision Making and choice ; Self-control and pro-social behaviour ; Eating behaviour, disordered eating and obesity. ;

Methods Expertise

No research method is currently recorded.

Research Projects

No research project is currently recorded.

Selected Publications


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