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Dr Borja del Pozo Cruz is a mid-career research scientist working in the fields of Physical Activity and Public Health. His main research interest is in modelling the health-related outcomes of time-use, and developing optimal strategies to modify individuals??? behaviors to increase physical activity and adopt active lifestyles. Dr del Pozo Cruz???s research has a particular focus on populations known to be vulnerable to inactivity, such as individuals with chronic diseases. To address the complex challenges inherent in understanding and influencing the lifestyle behaviour-human health interaction, Dr del Pozo Cruz draws upon theory and evidence from multiple fields???including public health, psychology, human movement, sport science, and implementation science. In doing so, Dr. del Pozo Cruz???s uses a multidisciplinary approach based on the Ecological Framework for Understanding and Influencing Lifestyle behaviours and Health. This approach has been validated and is widely used in epidemiological research.
Dr. del Pozo Cruz???s research approach embraces a dynamic and contemporary concept of health, one focused on individuals??? ability to adapt to and self-manage the personal, social, and mental changes and challenges that they face during their lives. In Dr. del Pozo Cruz???s view, physical activity and an optimal use of time have the potential to enhance individuals??? resilience to poor outcomes in all three domains: the physical, the social, and the mental domain. Optimising the time use of vulnerable populations towards active and healthy lifestyles through programs and interventions represents a significant window of opportunity to reduce the burden associated with the care of individuals with chronic diseases. Lifestyle habit modifications shift the health-care responsibilities towards individuals and the community, thereby reducing the burden on official institutions. Through deep partnerships between academia and the health-care system, strategies that optimize individuals??? time-use have the potential to improve the health of end-users in ways that are sustainable, equitable and cost-effective. This view is consistent with alternative models of care and disease prevention, where the heavy lifting is shifted from health-care systems to the community in a sustainable and coordinated manner.

Over the past 7 years, Dr. del Pozo Cruz has participated in 4 national and international major research projects funded through competitive grant schemes as Chief Investigator to the value of $400,000. To date, he has published 63 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and disseminated this work in 43 national and international conferences. Dr. del Pozo Cruz???s h-index is 20. Considered against his career stage (6.6 years since PhD award, not counting career breaks), this equates to an m-index of 3. Hirsh [16], founder of the h-index, claimed that an m-index approaching 1 indicates a successful career, while an m-index of 2 should be considered outstanding and ???would likely be found only at the top universities???. Dr. del Pozo Cruz???s research has contributed to better understanding the impact of lifestyle behaviour on individual health in ways that have significantly advanced the field. For example, one of his international collaborations (Tremblay et al. 2017, IJBNPA) led to the standardization of the concept of Sedentary Behaviour, influencing subsequent research across the globe. Further, Dr. del Pozo Cruz???s work on time use and health outcomes over the life course has been used to develop new public health guidelines for physical activity in the UK (del Pozo Cruz, J. et al. 2018, Am J of Prev Medicine) and Australia (del Pozo Cruz et al. 2018, PLoS One). Dr. del Pozo Cruz has also recently been invited to join the Expert Committee for the development of the new 24-hour guidelines for children and adolescents in Australia (Wollongong, Nov 2018).


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time-use ; Public Health ; sitting time ; Health Promotion ; Vulnerable Populations ; Physical Activity ;

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compositional data analysis ; RCT, mixed method ; Epidemiology ; Multilevel Modeling ; R and Mplus ; observational and cohort studies ; big data ;

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