Professor Elizabeth Labone - Faculty of Education & Arts (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Professor Elizabeth Labone is the Acting Executive Dean of the Faculty Education & Arts.

Professor Labone has worked in Teacher Education and leadership in higher education for over 25 years. She has extensive experience in leadership roles including National Head of Education and State Head NSW/ACT, as well as Director of Higher Degree Research. She is currently on the Executive of the New South Wales Council of Deans of Education as well as a member of both the Victorian and Queensland Council of Deans of Education. Professor Labone has extensive knowledge of Teacher Education programs and policy across a range of contexts.

Professor Labone is an internationally recognised scholar in the field of teacher efficacy. Her specific expertise is in the formation of efficacy beliefs, the role of efficacy beliefs in teacher professional learning and collective efficacy in school improvement. She also has significant scholarship and research in building teacher capacity for working with marginalised students. Professor Labone???s most recent projects include an international development program in Kiribati, Teach for Australia, principal resilience in Catholic schools, and support for the achievement of graduate standards for Indigenous students. She has successfully engaged in a range of large funded projects including OLT and ARC Linkages grants.

Professor Labone commenced her academic career at the University of Sydney where she completed her PhD. Prior to her academic career she worked in Primary Education both in the Catholic and government sector. She has continued to engage strongly with the school sector in partnership projects, advisory and board roles.


Phone :(02) 9701 4130 (Strathfield)
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Research Interests

Teacher Efficacy ; Formation and change in self-efficacy in teachers ; Teacher professional learning processes ; Teacher beliefs and practices ; Equity in Education ; Academic self-efficacy in diverse student groups ; Efficacy for engagement with marginalised groups ;

Methods Expertise

Quantitative ; Qualitative ; Mixed methods and longitudinal studies ;

Research Projects

No research project is currently recorded.

Selected Publications


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Other information

Most Recent Projects

Principal resilience in Catholic Schools, Funded $39,000 through Brisbane Catholic Education

Understanding and facilitating Student Retention: A multi-state study of factors that support retention of students from low SES backgrounds in higher education. Funded $125,695 through Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program DEEWR

Assessing professional teaching standards in practicum using digital technologies with Indigenous and non-Indigenous pre-service teachers: A study of documentation of professional teaching standards using digital technologies with Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Funded $178,000 through Australian Teaching and Learning Council