Dr Robert Brockman - Institute for Positive Psychology & Education (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Assistant Supervisor – Only eligible to supervise with a fully accredited Principal or Co-supervisor


I am an Indigenous Clinical Psychologist, and a Senior Research Fellow within the Institute for Positive Psychology & Education (IPPE). My PhD research focused on using diary methodology (Ecological Momentary Assessment) to investigate the contextual influences of daily emotion regulation. My research interests include: psychotherapy processes (acceptance and commitment therapy, schema therapy, emotion regulation), psychological interventions, determinants of well-being, statistics and psychometrics; and all of the above as applied to Indigenous health and well-being, and cross-cultural applications.


Phone : (North Sydney)
Email :rob.brockman@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Indigenous health ; Clinical Psychology ; Clinical Interventions ; Schema Therapy Processes ; self-determination theory ;

Methods Expertise

Quantiative Research ;

Research Projects

No research project is currently recorded.

Selected Publications


Discrimination as a Frame-of-Reference Effect in Overlapping Friendship Communities of Ethnically Diverse Youth, in Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology


Contextual Schema Therapy: An Integrative Approach to Personality Disorders, Emotion Dysregulation, and Interpersonal Functioning, in : New harbinger Publications


Young Schema Questionnaire???Short Form Version 3 (YSQ-S3): Preliminary validation in older adults, in Aging and Mental Health

Emotion regulation strategies in daily life: mindfulness, cognitive reappraisal and emotion suppression, in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


The Relationships Between Psychological Flexibility, Self-Compassion, and Emotional Well-Being. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, in Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy