Dr Ros Harrington - Nat School of Allied Health (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Assistant Supervisor – Only eligible to supervise with a fully accredited Principal or Co-supervisor

Dr Rosamund Harrington is a lecturer in Occupational Therapy within the School of Allied Health at Australian Catholic University. Rosamund was awarded a PhD in Policy and Administration, and a Dean's Commendation for Research Higher Degree Excellence from the University of Queensland for her PhD thesis Motor Accident Injury Insurance Scheme Design and Life after Traumatic Brain Injury in 2013. Rosamund's continuing research interests include exploring the intersections of commonwealth and state and territory based policy and legislative frameworks across multiple policy domains including health, disability, aged care, vocational education and training, injury insurance and social security law, and how these intersections impact on individual experience and service system operation. More recently, her research has explored the use of creative activities in child and youth mental health occupational therapy, vocational pathways, supporting school to work transitions, and intergenerational living and learning campus design.


Phone :7853 (Brisbane)
Email :rosamund.harrington@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Disability care and support ; School to work transitions ; Youth Mental Health ; Acquired brain injury ;

Methods Expertise

Qualitative and mixed research methods ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


Burns, K. & Harrington, R. (2020) Safe as Houses? Lump Sum Dissipation and Housing. In P.Vines & A. Akkerman (Eds.) Unexpected Consequences of Compensation Law. Oxford, GB: Hart Publishing. (Accepted/In Press), in Unexpected Consequences of Compensation Law


Grant, G. M., Burns, K., Harrington, R., Vines, P., Kendall, E., & Maujean, A. (2017). When lump sums run out: Disputes at the borderlines of tort law, injury compensation and social security., in K. Barker, K. Fairweather, & R. Grantham (Eds.), Private Law in the 21st Century

Sheppard, L., Harrington, R. & Howard, K. (2017). Leaving School and Getting a Job. Research to Action Guide, A guide for young people with disability who want to work. NDS Centre for Applied Disability Research. Available at www.cadr.org.au


Foster, M., Henman, P., Tilse, C., Fleming, J., Allen, S., & Harrington, R. (2016). "Reasonable and necessary" care: the challenge of operationalising the NDIS policy principle in allocating disability care in Australia. , in Australian Journal of Social Issues


Harrington, R., Foster, M., & Fleming, J. (2016) Experiences of pathways, outcomes and choice after severe traumatic brain injury under no-fault versus fault-based motor accident insurance, in Brain Injury


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Foster M, Henman P, Fleming J, Tilse C, Allen S, Harrington R. 2012. ARC Linkage Lifetime Care Research Report: A study of financing and management of lifetime care and support for adults with acquired disability and high care needs in Queensland. Researc