Dr Joel Hodge - School of Theology (Faculty of Theology and Philosophy)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Phone : (Melbourne)
Email :Joel.Hodge@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Ren?? Girard's mimetic theory ; East Timor (Timor-Leste) ; Political Theology ; Ecclesiology ; Christian faith & violence ; Catholic Identity and Mission ; Atonement ; Young People and Youth Ministry ;

Methods Expertise

No research method is currently recorded.

Research Projects

No research project is currently recorded.

Selected Publications


a??How Free are we? Individualism, Freedom and the Statea??, in "Being Human: Groundwork for a Theological Anthropology for the 21st Century", edited by David Kirchhoffer, with Robyn Horner and Patrick McArdle (Melbourne, Aus: Mosaic Press)

Church, State and Secularism: Ecclesiological Challenges for Asia & the Case of Timor-Leste, in International Journal of Practical Theology 16, no. 2 (2012, published in May 2013), 323-348.

A Spirituality of Suffering and Resistance: The Catholic Church in Timor-Leste during the Indonesian Occupation, in South East Asia Research 21, no. 1 (March), 151-170.


Resisting Violence and Victimisation: Christian Faith and Solidarity in East Timor, in Ashgate

Violence, Desire and the Sacred: Girarda??s Mimetic Theory Across the Disciplines (edited volume), in Bloomsbury

Vatican II: Reception and Implementation in the Australian Church (edited volume), in John Garratt Publishing

a??The Post-Vatican II Experience of Youtha??, in Reception and Implementation of Vatican II in the Australian Church, edited by Neil Ormerod, Ormond Rush, David Pascoe, Clare Johnson and Joel Hodge (Melbourne, Aus: John Garrett, 2012).

a??Torture and Faith: The violent sacred and Christian resistance in East Timora??, in Violence, Desire and the Sacred: Girarda??s Mimetic Theory Across the Disciplines, edited by Scott Cowdell, Chris Fleming and Joel Hodge (New York, NY: Continuum, 2012


a??Conscience, the Self, and the Victim: East Timor & Ren?? Girarda??s Mimetic Theory in Dialoguea??, , in Australian eJournal of Theology vol. 18, no. 2 (August).

a??Violence, Resistance & Reconciliation: A mimetic analysis of East Timorese story-tellinga?? , in Contagion: The Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture vol. 18: 71-92.


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Witnesses of Hope in a Dying Culture, in Champagnat: An International Marist Journal of Charism in Education


The Transubstantiated Word, in Australian Ejournal of Theology