Dr Noah Riseman - Nat Sch of Arts (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


My research focuses on the social history of marginalised groups in twentieth and twenty-first century Australia. In particular I have researched Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander military service and the relationships between military service, citizenship, Indigenous rights and national identity. I am currently conducting two projects: one on the history of LGBTI military service in Australia, and one on the history of transgender identities in Australia since the early twentieth century. While most of my research focuses on Australia, I also have experience in comparative Indigenous history, particularly in relation to the United States and Papua New Guinea. I am available to supervise topics related to LGBTI, comparative and Indigenous history, particularly topics in the twentieth century.

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Phone :03 9953 3226 (Melbourne)
Email :Noah.Riseman@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History ; comparative history ; colonialism ; Australian History ; LGBTI history ; Native American history ; transgender studies ;

Methods Expertise

oral history ; archival research ;

Research Projects

Completed Projects

  • "Serving our country: a history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence of Australia" (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)
  • "Defending Australia, defending Indigenous rights: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander military service and Australian identity, 1946-2003" (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)

Current Projects

  • "Transgender Australians: The History of an Identity" (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)
  • "Serving in Silence? Australian LGBTI Military Service since 1945" (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)

Selected Publications


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