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Kristina Love is Professor and Head of the School of Education at the Australian Catholic University (Victoria). As an educational linguist, she has been deeply involved in research and professional activity related to teachers' knowledge about language and literacy across the school subjects. She is Co Chief Investigator (with Professor Len Unsworth of QUT and Associate Professor Mary Macken-Horarik of UNE) on a three year ARC Discovery grant ($473,000) entitled "Grammar and praxis: investigating a grammatics for 21st century school English". She has been President of the Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ASFLA), Editor of the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics (ARAL) and Chief Examiner of VCE English Language. She has produced multimedia resources for teachers and teacher educators that translate current theory about language and literacy into practice (eg "Building Understandings in Literacy and Teaching" and "Literacy Across the School Subjects") and is working with colleagues in Stockholm and Copenhagen to further develop these materials online. In 2007 she was won the Norm Curry Award for innovation and excellence in the support of, and service to teaching and learning ($25,000) and in 2008 a Universitas 21 Fellowship to visit Stanford, UBC, Birmingham, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Universities. She has been an invited keynote at national and international conferences on issues related to her research.


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Research Interests

Language ; Linguistics ; Literacy ;

Methods Expertise

Discourse Analysis ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


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Other information

Some recent research and consultancy grants
2011 ARC Discovery grant ($473,000) over three years. a??Grammar and praxis: investigating a grammatics for 21st century school Englisha??, with Professor Len Unsworth and Associate Professor Mary Macken-Horarik of UNE.
2007. MRIO grant for a??near-missa?? ARC Discovery grant application. a??Schooling and the social identities of English learnersa??. With Professor Joe Lo Bianco, Dr. Kieran Oa??Loughlin and Dr. Sophie Arkoudis. ($20,000).
2006. A competitive contract with the Victorian Department of Education to design an a??Evidence-Based Literacy Professional Learning Package for Literacya?? ($100,000).