Professor Ismail Albayrak - School of Theology (Faculty of Theology and Philosophy)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Ismail received his PhD degree from Leeds University in 2000. He works on Islamic studies and specifically on Qur'anic Studies, Classical exegesis, Contemporary Approaches to the Qur'an and Orientalism. He is also interested in the place of Muslim communities and their activites in Globalizing World together with the study of interfaith dialogue.


Phone :3884 (Melbourne)
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Research Interests

Islamic Studies ; Qur'anic Studies ; Interfaith Dialogue ; Muslims in Modern World ; Gulen (Hizmet) Movement ; Islamic Mysticism ;

Methods Expertise

No research method is currently recorded.

Research Projects

No research project is currently recorded.

Selected Publications


Mastering Knowledge in Modern Times: Fethullah G??len as an Islamic Scholar, in Mastering Knowledge in Modern Times: Fethullah G??len as an Islamic Scholar, New York: Blue Dome Press 2011


a??a??Medinan Constitutiona??, Milestones and Signposts in Interfaith Relationsa??, , in Australian Ejournal of Theology, (16 August, 2010),

Fethullah Gulena??s Approach to the Qura??anic Exegesis, in Fethullah G??len Hocaefendia??nin Tefsir AnlayA?i??YA?/Fethullah Gulena??s Approach to the Qura??anic Exegesis, A?stanbul: Kaynak Publication 2010

a??The veneration of saints and sanctity in the Islamic traditiona??, , in In the land of larks and heroes :Australian reflections on St Mary MacKillop, (ed.) Alan Harold Cadwallader, Hindmarsh, S. Aust. :ATF Press,2010

a??The Gulen Educational Movement and Its Contribution to Global Peace and Tolerancea??, , in International Handbook of Inter-religious Education, (eds.) Kath Engebretson, Marian de Souza, Gloria Durka, Heidelberg, London, New York: Springer 2010, II.743-758


a??Five Classical Exegetesa?? Commentaries on Maidah (the Heavenly Table) Episode: 5:111-115, , in Ankara ??niversitesi A?lahiyat Fak??ltesi Dergisi, 59, 93-121 (2008)


a??The Historical Status of the Qura??an: Modern Discussion Among Turkish Academicsa??,, in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, 17, 457-469 (2006)


Approaches to the Qura??an in Classic Modernism, in Klasik Modernizmde Kura??ana??a Yaklai??YA?mlar/Approaches to the Qura??an in Classic Modernism, A?stanbul: Ens??r Publication 2004


a??The Classical Exegetesa?? Analysis of the Qura??anic Narrative 18:60-82,a?? , in Islamic Studies, 42, 289-315 (2003).


a??Isr????liyy??t and Classical Exegetesa?? Comments on the Calf with a Hollow Sound: Q.20:83-98/7:147-155 with Special Reference to Ibn a??Atiyya,a?? , in Journal of Semitic Studies, 47, 39-65 (2002).


a??The Qura??anic Narratives of the Golden Calf Episode,a?? , in Journal of Qura??anic Studies, 3, 47-70 (2001).

Other information

Asian Politics & > Policy
Journal of Us?>l (Methodology)
Journal of Sakarya ??niversity/Sakarya ??niversitesi A?lahiyat Fak??ltesi Dergisi
Scientific Journal of Religious Presidency of Turkish Republic
Journal of Scientific Research of Islam


Turkish: Native
Ottoman Language: Advanced
English: Fluent
Arabic: Advanced
Persian: Intermediate