Associate Professor Shawn Somerset - Nat School of Allied Health (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Shawn Somerset leads the national program in public health at Australian Catholic University. He has tertiary qualifications in Nutrition and in Infectious Disease Immunology. He has worked in government, industry and university sectors on food and nutrition-related projects in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. His general field of interest relates to how the world is fed, the various controls, barriers and facilitators involved, and how the expanding world population will find food into the future. Answers to these issues span a range of research contexts, from clinical investigations into the impact of various diets on health and disease, through to population-based studies on determinants of food consumption a?? issues that are central across the world, in countries both rich and poor.


Phone :+61 7 3623 7183 (Brisbane)
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Research Interests

Public Health ; Nutrition ; Cardiovascular Disease ; Metabolic Syndrome ; Food Security ; Epidemiology ; International Health ; Community Gardening ;

Methods Expertise

Community-based intervention ; Randomised controlled clinical trials ; Adherence ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


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