Professor Nancy Louise Low Choy - Nat Sch Physiotherapy (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

Dr Nancy Low Choy holds a joint appointment with ACU / TPCH (Q-Health) as the Professor of Physiotherapy (Aged and Neurological Rehabilitation). Dr Low Choy has considerable
clinical, teaching and research experience with older adults and those with neurological disabilities. The joint appointment will enable research in both hospital and community settings across the Metro North Hospital and Health Service. Dr Low Choy also has considerable experience in curriculum development for entry level and post-graduate coursework. She has led initiatives that have improved clinical outcomes for fallers and people with neurological disorders as well as promoting healthier ageing, prevention of falls and ageing well with a disability.


Phone :7685 (Brisbane)
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Research Interests

Ageing and vestibular dysfunction ; Falls events and causal factors ; Reliability and validity of measurement tools ; Outcomes after interventions for those with ABI ; Healthy ageing and adherence to exercise programs ; Ageing well with a neuro-motor disability ; Models of Care & Functional Outcomes ;

Methods Expertise

Randomised Control Trials ; Observational cohort studies ; Reliability and validity studies ; Survey studies ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


Barker A, Nitz J, Low Choy N & Haines T.Non-Linear association between falls risk factors: A prospective cohort study of mobility and falls risk in residential aged care. , in Journal of Physiotherapy 58 (2): 117-125.


Illing, Nitz, Nolan, Low Choy, The association between sensory system function on balance in community dwelling men aged 30-80. , in The Ageing Male. 13 (3): 202-210.


Fu S, Low Choy NL, Nitz JC. Controlling balance decline across the menopause using a specific balance strategy training program. , in Climacteric 12; 165-176.


Treleaven J, Jull G, Panizza B, Brown-Rothwell D & Low Choy NL. Comparison of sensorimotor disturbance between subjects with persistent whiplash associated disorder and subjects with acoustic neuromas. , in Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 89:3:522-530.

Low Choy, N.L., Brauer, S. & Nitz, J. Linking stability to demographics, strength and sensory system function in women over 40 to support pre-emptive preventive intervention. , in Climateric 11: 144-154

Other information

Dr Low Choy has supervised physiotherapy student research projects at all levels over the last decade - Honours Projects, entry level Doctor of Physiotherapy Projects and RHD (MPhil and PhD) students. Dr Low Choy is an experienced supervisor and offers a supportive and collaborative style that is well suited to physiotherapy students as well as experienced clinicians who seek to undertake research within their clinical setting. The research experiences of Dr Low Choy well align with hospital and community based research in aged and neurological rehabilitation. She is particularly interested in models of care enabling early return to home and community, reducing falls risk of older adults and enabling safe participation in community, and investigating exercise programs that foster healthy ageing of older adults or those with a disability.