Dr George Mnatzaganian - Faculty of Health Sciences (Faculty of Health Sciences)

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Dr. George Mnatzaganian (PhD, MPH, MMedSci, BSN) is an epidemiologist and public health researcher. He acquired his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. In his Master degree, he majored in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. His postgraduate PhD in Medicine (Epidemiology and Public Health) was from the University of Adelaide in South Australia. George has quantitative research skills in data management, data linkage, and analysis of large data sets. His doctoral studies gained him much knowledge, expertise and skills in researching health administrative data sets such as the hospital morbidity data (HMD). George has demonstrated how these HMD can be improved to better predict medical outcomes among hospitalized patients. George has some years of teaching experience - mainly teaching Public Health, Epidemiology, and Statistics. George is also interested in health services research and the research of higher degree education.


Phone :3637 (Melbourne)
Email :George.Mnatzaganian@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

a?? Clinical epidemiology ; a?? Longitudinal cohort studies ; a?? Chronic illnesses ; a?? Ageing ; a?? Obesity ; a?? Co-morbidity indices and risk adjustment ; a?? Smoking ; a?? Health technology assessment ; a?? Higher degree education ;

Methods Expertise

Quantitative Analysis ;

Research Projects

No research project is currently recorded.

Selected Publications


Mnatzaganian G, Ryan P, Norman PE, Davidson DC, Hiller JE. Total joint replacement in men: old age, obesity and in-hospital complications, in ANJ J Surg 2012; 11 September

Mnatzaganian G, Ryan P, Norman PE, Davidson DC, Hiller JE. Use of routine hospital morbidity data together with weight and height of patients to predict in-hospital complications following total joint replacement, in BMC Health Services Research 2012; 12:380

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Mnatzaganian G, Ryan P, Norman PE, Hiller JE. Length of stay in hospital and all-cause readmission following elective total joint replacement in elderly men, in Orthopedic Research and Reviews 2012; 4: 43-51.


Mnatzaganian G, Ryan P, Norman PE, Davidson DC, Hiller JE. Smoking, body eight, physical exercise and risk of lower limb total joint replacement in a population-based cohort of men, in Arthritis & Rheumatism 2011 Aug; 63(8): 2525-30.


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