Dr Skye McLennan - Nat Sch Psychology (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Dr McLennan's research centres on higher-order processes associated with the frontal lobes such as executive functions, prospective memory, and social behaviour. She is particularly interested in the mechanisms that lead to changes in these abilities and the impact that these changes have in everyday life.

Her research focuses on groups such as older people, long term opiate users, and people affected by cardiovascular disease. She collaborates closely with researchers from the Cognition and Emotion Research Centre, and employs methods such as neuropsychological assessment, structured behavioural assessments, and biophysiological assessment (e.g. saliva sampling for hormone measurement, EMG, brain stimulation).


Phone :3124 (Melbourne)
Email :Skye.McLennan@acu.edu.au
URIs : Personal Website

Research Interests

Mild cognitive impairment ; Neuropsychology ; Social Cognition ; vascular cognitive impairment ; Psychometrics ;

Methods Expertise

Neuropsychological Assessment ; Meta-Analysis ; cognitive assessment ; Quantitative Approaches ; Experimental design ;

Research Projects

Completed Projects

  • The causes and social impact of verbosity in older men (Undergraduate) (Principal Supervisor)

Current Projects

  • The Effects of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation on Memory (Undergraduate) (Associate Supervisor)
  • Psychophysiological correlates of decision making in long term opiate users and healthy adults (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)

Selected Publications

Other information

Dr McLennan is a member of the Cognition and Emotion Research Centre. She also teaches postgraduate Psychological Assessment units and is the Course Co-ordinator for the Master of Professional Psychology. She is a registered psychologist who has worked with adults experiencing a range of psychological issues, and children affected by learning and behavioural difficulties.